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IAS adds media monitoring analysis

The Independent Agency Selection and Selection Company (IAS), has added media monitor and analysis search to its scope of services to help clients find and evaluate the appropriate monitoring company. It will also assist clients to find the appropriate monitoring company not only to evaluate coverage, but to track what is happening in their industry and around the world
Media Monitoring Solution-
Media Monitoring is very essential at every stage whether its a school goers,youths,competition or consumers,TrackThisNow is a tool that comes up with a featureswhich can now track 20 different sources online for your brands/products/topics and email you the only the new results everyday for a very small price of $1 per search per month.Hope you find this useful.You can please register here /sadd]] if you are interested.If you haven't used it before the free service is here Cheers....
Posted on 16 Feb 2011 19:37
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