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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Level 1 BEE rating for direct marketing agency

Direct marketing specialist agency Computer Facilities has been rated as a Level 1 contributor to BEE. It has a 135% procurement recognition level, as verified by the National Empowerment Rating Agency, a member of ABVA, and an employee trust, Kgatelo Pele Trust, holds 49% share of the business. Computer Facilities is part of the direct marketing teams of some of South Africa's biggest blue chips, including Absa (multiple divisions), Cell C Connect, JD Group, Nedbank (multiple divisions), RCI and SARS.
DM disciple
That's a great move. I just hope more agencies follow suit. Clients need to start demanding transformation from their agencies, especially DM agencies. The status quo cannot remain any longer. Transformation NOW! Well done for embracing and being part of the change. After all, we're about achieving Results aren't we?
Posted on 4 Nov 2009 11:50