19 Oct 2017Time Management and Emotional IntelligenceJohannesburg
19 Oct 2017Basic adjudication and trial advocacy skillsCape Town
19 Oct 2017IFRS recap and updateJohannesburg
19 Oct 2017Elegant bird photography evening talk with Albert FronemanCape Town
20 Oct 2017ICF South Africa ConferenceCape Town
20 Oct 2017Design thinking workshopStellenbosch
21 Oct 2017Become a professional organiser - workshopJohannesburg
23 Oct 2017IT4IT trainingJohannesburg
23 Oct 2017Public Relations ManagementFerndale, Randburg
23 Oct 2017Evaluate Leanering CoursePort Elizabeth
23 Oct 2017Moderate AssessmentJohannesburg
23 Oct 2017Business Writing SkillsCape Town, Durban
24 Oct 2017Skills Development Facilitator CoursePort Elizabeth
24 Oct 2017Evaluate Leanering CourseCape Town, Durban, East London
24 Oct 2017Photoshop basicsJohannesburg
25 Oct 2017Measurement and evaluationRandburg
25 Oct 2017Illustrator basic to intermediateJohannesburg
25 Oct 2017Write better newslettersCountrywide
25 Oct 2017Writing for social mediaCountrywide
25 Oct 2017Write a non-fiction bookCountrywide
26 Oct 2017Report writingJohannesburg
26 Oct 2017Principles of layout and designRandburg, Johannesburg
26 Oct 2017The Science of Happiness at Work Conference 2017Johannesburg
26 Oct 2017Short Course in Thesis and Dissertation WorkshopPretoria
26 Oct 2017Copywriting for print, digital media and the webCountrywide
26 Oct 2017Press release and media writingCountrywide
26 Oct 2017Write a novel courseCountrywide
26 Oct 2017Write your memoirCountrywide
27 Oct 2017Writing for video gamesCountrywide
27 Oct 2017An introduction to poetryCountrywide
27 Oct 2017The basics of creative writingCountrywide
27 Oct 2017Writing articles for websites and blogsCountrywide
27 Oct 2017How to Market and Sell Training Products, Events, and ServicesJohannesburg
28 Oct 2017Free Graduate Workplace Prep SessionJohannesburg
30 Oct 2017Programme in project management (PPM)Pretoria
30 Oct 2017Zachman framework trainingJohannesburg
30 Oct 2017Photography oneKwaZulu-Natal
30 Oct 2017Course in basic financial investigationPretoria
30 Oct 2017Strategic Crisis Management – From Forecasting To ResilienceRandburg
30 Oct 2017Magazine journalism courseCountrywide
30 Oct 2017Business writing skills courseCountrywide
30 Oct 2017Grammar for writers - English first languageCountrywide
30 Oct 2017Creative writing coursesCountrywide
30 Oct 2017Copy-editing and proofreadingCountrywide
31 Oct 2017Personal writing coach courseCountrywide
31 Oct 2017Grammar skills for beginnersCountrywide
31 Oct 2017Die tydskrifjoernalistieke kursusCountrywide
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