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#BrandManagerMonth: Doing wine well
#BrandManagerMonth: Doing wine well

Alison Pearce is the national marketing and sales manager at Accolade Wines South Africa, a major global wine business, with leading wine brands filling their portfolio to the brim...

By Cari Van Wyk 29 Mar 2016

#BrandManagerMonth: Tracy Maclear from Goodyear South Africa
#BrandManagerMonth: Tracy Maclear from Goodyear South Africa

Tracy Maclear shares strategic insights into ensuring brand sustenance for the innovative tyre manufacturer...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 22 Mar 2016

#BrandManagerMonth: Marina Loubser from Coca-Cola SA
#BrandManagerMonth: Marina Loubser from Coca-Cola SA

Coca-Cola recently launched the One Brand global marketing strategy that, "for the first time ever, unites Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light/Diet, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life under the iconic Coca-Cola brand positioning in one global creative campaign: Taste the Feeling."

By Jessica Taylor 18 Mar 2016

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#BrandManagerMonth: Mokebe Thulo on marketing to millennials

Face-to-face engagement is the way to speak to our young people, says Mokebe Thulo, portfolio manager of HDI Youth Marketeers, who recently spoke on the Sunday Times Generation Next study at the Future-Ready Marketing Conference on Thursday, 10 March at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosebank, Johannesburg...

By Jessica Taylor 16 Mar 2016

Tips for maximising social commerce
Tips for maximising social commerce

Social media has become an increasingly vital element of e-commerce. With the millions of people using social media on daily basis, many companies are realising the power of sites...

By Charles Mburugu 9 Mar 2016

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[Orchids & Onions] VW drives off with award for combining brand and retail in ad

In advertising, you have brand, the sexy sister, and you have retail, the ugly sister or, if you prefer, the sexy brother and the ugly brother...

By Brendan Seery 8 Mar 2016

Apidech Ninkhlai–
Where the super growth brands grew (LSM 6 and 7)

Determining (thinking about!) your brand's target market, it is important to know where the market is growing, and from where the growth brands are getting their growth...

By Erik du Plessis and Neil Higgs 16 Feb 2016

The #JetLoveYourself campaign
Jet flies again

In 2012, after much research, we at Trend Forward presented the future of marketing trend presentation to a small group of around 50 individuals across a broad sector of industries, including advertising, retail, marketing and few photographers...

By Dave Nemeth 9 Feb 2016

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Towards multisensory brands

As brands are becoming more and more emotional, thinking about offering consumers complete experiences, they need to enhance their uniqueness beyond a mere logo, a name, a look and feel...

By Dora Jurd 28 Jan 2016

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Hello Africa! Tell me how you're doin'!

Many multinational brands approach Africa with a near-desperate bright-eyed eagerness, trying to get to grips with her intricate market dynamics...

By Marthinus Van Loggerenberg 18 Jan 2016

Jenna McArthur
[BizTrends 2016] The next big thing in fashion PR

The PR landscape is constantly evolving and finding new ways and means of reaching communities. Jenna McArthur, owner of fashion PR agency Jenna McArthur PR, maps out what's next in 2016...

By Jenna McArthur 18 Jan 2016

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Christmas scents

It's that time of year - Christmas music plays in the background of malls and stores and decorations hang from every possible place...

By Brandon Bester 17 Dec 2015

Leanne Freeman
The in-store experience: Still the most powerful differentiator in the competitive retail space

These days, in a tough economic climate where competitors fight for control of consumers' hard-earned rands, the retail environment has to work that much harder to keep its customers, and keep them happy...

By Leanne Freeman, Issued by BMi Research 25 Nov 2015

Gareth Pearson
Market research: more than just a once-off investment

So, you've launched a new product or opened a new business unit or even started a whole new company from scratch, and did all your homework in the way of market research beforehand?...

By Gareth Pearson, Issued by BMi Research 24 Nov 2015

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[TrendTalk] Amazon's new 'billboard' book store

Amazon just opened its first book store in Seattle stocked with books at the same discounted price as on its website. Is this a new disruption for the book publishing industry or just a giant interactive billboard for Amazon..?

By Louise Marsland 6 Nov 2015

Leveraging big data for better business decisions in marketing
Leveraging big data for better business decisions in marketing

Big data and the benefits it can deliver for business...

By Gary Allemann 5 Nov 2015

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African hair care market set for massive growth

The hair business in South Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon is estimated to be worth more than $7.6 billion. Of this figure the black hair-care market is worth $4.2 billion. Euromonitor International, which reported on the figures, says the African hair care market will be a massive growth market for the continent...

By Danette Breitenbach 27 Oct 2015

Legacy gives brand the edge
Legacy gives brand the edge

The increased affluent levels in the country - and even the continent - have given rise to a higher uptake of luxury brands. Single malt whisky is one of these brands, as proved by the fact that it is ahead of the total category growth...

By Danette Breitenbach 16 Oct 2015

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[Fashion watch] A case study on UK Wool Week and Chanel Airlines

How and why this week's transformation of Savile Row, the UK's famous tailoring district, into a sheep's playground and Karl Lagerfeld's Project Runway Show for Chanel, make headlines around the world...

By Terry Levin 9 Oct 2015

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Embracing smartphone shopping

Smartphones: the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing at night. The love affair between our smartphone and us knows no bounds, yet brands have been slow to capitalise on this relationship...

By Marion Marais 22 Sep 2015

Regional markets offer refreshing growth prospects for local beverage producers
Regional markets offer refreshing growth prospects for local beverage producers

As an independent beverage producer, you've no doubt looked at South Africa's heavyweight consumer markets of Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal and wondered how you were going to break into these provinces to expand your brand...

By Shawn Henning 17 Sep 2015

Using GIS to enhance the customer experience
Using GIS to enhance the customer experience

Today's economy is highly challenging for the majority of businesses, from retailers to service providers and everyone between...

By Gary Allemann 15 Sep 2015

[Relentlessly Relevant] 2. Six reasons it's critical to innovate in your business
[Relentlessly Relevant] 2. Six reasons it's critical to innovate in your business

Last year, I found myself on a squeaky leather couch in a TV studio along with a representative from Yellowwood marketing agency. We got to chatting about the respective reasons for our interviews...

By Douglas Kruger 11 Sep 2015

A long breath needed to invest into Africa
A long breath needed to invest into Africa

The 2nd African Retail Development Index, released on Tuesday, serves to emphasize once again that Africa has to be viewed as a set of different countries...

By Danette Breitenbach 10 Sep 2015

Making the most of coupon marketing
Making the most of coupon marketing

No doubt that coupon codes, flash sales and promotions associate with a positive customer experience - those who have ever saved money during sales or by using coupons know that there is a satisfaction in saving money...

By Magdalena Werminska 31 Aug 2015

Unlocking customer equity with valuable content
Unlocking customer equity with valuable content

Since when did advertising ever retain customers? The age of intrusion has conditioned marketers into believing that bombarding consumers with annoying, pushy and often irrelevant messages will create the promise of healthy sales...

By Scott Cundill 15 Jun 2015

Customer experience F-Words
Customer experience F-Words

When customer experience is introduced into a corporate strategy or dusted off, when it has been there all along, as a part of a strategy review, it can be a daunting task...

By Chantel Botha 3 Jun 2015

Brian Tebogo Mashego
Alcohol and tobacco retailers' power has shifted to the consumers

Consumers' needs are changing rapidly. This competitive environment forces retailers to deliver customer value in order to ensure survival and sustainable competitiveness...

By Brian Tebogo Mashego 1 Jun 2015

The bigger impact of experience vs. exposure
The bigger impact of experience vs. exposure

Whether we want it to be or not, the world is a branded place and activation solutions can help distinguish brands in a crowded marketplace...

By Lauren Durant 29 May 2015

Unpacking brand activation for FMCGs
Unpacking brand activation for FMCGs

Changes in the power dynamics along the path-to-purchase have introduced a new world order in which customers reign and love flaunting their freedom...

By Joseph Neusu 22 May 2015

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