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#FairnessFirst: Addressing that gender equality pay gap, day by day
#FairnessFirst: Addressing that gender equality pay gap, day by day

It was 'equal pay day' in the US on 10 April. That's how far into 2018 a woman had to work to earn what a man earned in 2017. Here's how to stand up for your rights to equal pay for equal work...

By Leigh Andrews 16 Apr 2018

The World Press Freedom Index 2017 by .
#FairnessFirst: Grave press freedom violations in Africa

Freedom of speech, long seen as a mainstay of the Western world, isn't necessarily a given elsewhere, especially when you criticise government policy and work in the media...

By Leigh Andrews 9 Apr 2018

WillyamBradberry © .
#FairnessFirst: Attention! Alexa and Siri are not real-life 'women in tech'!

There's been much outrage among the social media set this week - not just over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but also over the severe lack of knowledge of female tech leaders...

By Leigh Andrews 26 Mar 2018

Time's up, advertising...
#FairnessFirst: Goodbye, boys' club! Time's up, advertising...

More than 180 female C-suite advertising agency leaders have formally aligned with Time's Up to form Time's Up Advertising...

By Leigh Andrews 19 Mar 2018

Screengrabs from the campaign.
#OrchidsandOnions: Corporate social responsibility should be more than a clever marketing con trick...

Corporate social responsibility, as a concept, sounds fine in theory... but in practice, it often turns out to be another marketing scam...

By Brendan Seery 13 Mar 2018

Asambe Nono makes women abuse a no-no
Asambe Nono makes women abuse a no-no

When the #NoExcuse female choir sang Asambe Nono just before kick-off in front of 85,000 people at the PSL game between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates on 3 March, the words took the massive crowd by surprise...

Issued by Ogilvy & Mather 13 Mar 2018

Image from the Carling Black Label #NoExcuses campaign.
#FairnessFirst: Soweto Derby and Grey's Anatomy fight to end women abuse

Last week, two SA brands notably planned ahead of International Women's Day with messaging that tied in on an extremely large-scale - Carling Black Label did so at the televised Soweto Derby, while 1st for Women made their move during a suitably themed episode of Grey's Anatomy...

By Leigh Andrews 12 Mar 2018

From dress to cape. One of the memes that did the rounds on International Women's Day.
#FairnessFirst: Why social media went purple for International #WomensDay

You may have noticed lots of purple on your newsfeed today, as International Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March. Here's why this is known as the colour for equality and justice - just what International Women's Day stands for...

By Leigh Andrews 8 Mar 2018

Screengrab of Markle from her 2015 UN Women speech.
#FairnessFirst: Why Meghan Markle's feminist sparkle means she won't be a 'push-over princess'

This week, duchess-to-be Meghan Markle confirmed she plans to minimise the mansplaining man-ologue and "shine a light on women feeling empowered," as she begins to work with British royal charities. If you didn't hear how an 11-year-old Markle convinced FMCG giant Procter & Gamble that equality and inclusivity is a good thing by changing the wording of its Ivory dishwashing liquid ad, you're in for a treat...

By Leigh Andrews 5 Mar 2018

#MarchforChange meme from .
#FairnessFirst: #Sona2018 leaves SA's social media set hopeful of real change

The recent State of the Nation Address, given just a day after coming to power by newly minted president Cyril Ramaphosa, left many SA netizens satisfied and optimistic about the future as he promised one where hard work would triumph over past inequalities...

By Leigh Andrews 26 Feb 2018

Ava DuVernay on the 89th Oscars' red carpet in 2017. Original image © Tyler Golden of ABC on . Cropped with #FairnessFirst logo overlay as per Creative Commons terms.
#FairnessFirst: Making modern movies in 2018

While movies have been mainstream for more than a hundred years, diversity behind the lens has been more than a little lacking - hello 2018's top trending TV and cinema industry hashtags, #TimesUp and #OscarsSoWhite...

By Leigh Andrews 19 Feb 2018

Cox of the February 2018 cover of Cosmo SA - now trending everywhere!
#FairnessFirst: #SayYesToLove with Cosmo SA's Laverne Cox cover exclusive!

Topics for inclusion, equality and diversity in the media sphere itself remained under the media spotlight this week as social media netizens celebrated Cosmopolitan South Africa's decision to place Laverne Cox on the cover, with their logo suitably rainbow-hued to show support of the LGBTQI+ community...

By Leigh Andrews 5 Feb 2018

Image © – Brochure for the Presidents Club Charity Dinner, as seen in the Financial Times video on Youtube. Screenshot from .
#FairnessFirst: #PresidentsClubDinner and #LarryNassar trial light up World Wide Web

This week, social media netizens were appalled by allegations of groping at the recent President's Club fundraising dinner, while celebrating the outcome of the #LarryNassar trial, and Melinda Gates' female startup fund support...

By Leigh Andrews 29 Jan 2018

Original image © Besjunior –
#FairnessFirst: H&M's diversity manager, #MLKDay and the #pinkify debate

This week, diversity was a strong focus on social media as H&M announced the appointment of a diversity manager following the 'racist hoodie' outrage, social citizens stood up for civil rights on #MLKDay, and the #pinkifying hashtag spawned lovers and haters alike...

By Leigh Andrews 22 Jan 2018

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#FairnessFirst: Amplifying the female voice

The first work week of 2018 for many was also one where we heard the global female voice loud and clear on social media, with 'celebration emojis' for everything from Iceland's equal pay law to #HereWeAre, #TimesUp and #Oprah2020...

By Leigh Andrews 15 Jan 2018