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BASA Education Programme, supported by Etana, launches its first workshops

Business and Arts South Africa has long taken the lead in arts education as part its commitment to sustainability in the sector. Now, in 2013, BASA unveils a comprehensive programme of education, training and up-skilling, aimed at emerging and established arts organisations. Known as the BASA Education Programme, the comprehensive initiative is supported by BASA member Etana.
It includes several of BASA's long-running programmes including BASA Basics, BASA Mentorship and BASA BoardBank, whilst adding in a focused BASA Workshops programme. The 2013 BASA Education Programme now forms the basis for business volunteerism in the arts, with BASA's corporate members and the wider business community providing the expertise, skills and knowledge to arts organisations through the programme.

The BASA Education Programme, supported by Etana, is also set to expand BASA's footprint with many more regional events planned in 2013, including in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal and other provinces.

"Over the past few years we have developed a number of programmes and workshops that are aimed at all levels of arts organisations - from the basics to the board," comments BASA CEO Michelle Constant.

"The BASA Education Programme now puts these together in a comprehensive way that allows arts organisations to access elements of the programme according to their needs. We're very grateful that Etana has joined us in presenting such a wide-ranging programme and expanding our reach to more parts of the country."

"We energetically support BASA in their program because art is the very heart and soul of any country and its people and in South Africa our population is beautifully diverse. That diverse creativity needs to be supported and mentored so the creators can be financially self sufficient and as strongly independent as possible," says Josie Holley, Etana's head of brand and the BASA partnership.

The BASA Education programme, supported by Etana encompasses BASA's complete offering in the area of education, training and upskilling of the arts. The aim of the programme is to enable South African arts organisations to move towards sustainability as well as work more effectively with business in the areas of sponsorship and CSI.

The core of the BASA Education programme, supported by Etana are several successful BASA initiatives. These include BASA Basics, which aims to assist emerging and grassroots arts organisations to develop the structures and processes that can attract funding and become sustainable; the BASA Mentorship Programme which works with registered arts organisations and matches them with mentors who are able to advise on business plans and objectives and the BASA Boardbank which engages with business professionals who are interested in joining arts organisations' Boards.

The BASA Education programme, supported by Etana, kicks off in 2013 with a series of workshops across the country. The workshop programme starts in February in Johannesburg with four workshops that cover Project Management, Corporate Sponsorship, Social Media and Marketing.

See the full programme below. To register or for more information on venues and times contact:
Jessica Dennison / 011 447 - 2295

February Workshops:

Saturday February 9th- Project Management
Facilitator - Modise Moiloanyane, Management Consultant, KPMG
Have you ever wondered why your last Art project was a huge headache? It's simply because the project was not properly managed and planning was inadequate. Come join us to learn how you can use project management techniques for the success of your future Arts project.
Tuesday February 12th - Corporate Sponsorship

Facilitator - Bandile Mngoma, Sponsorship & Events Manager, Old Mutual
Bandile Mngoma will outline some of the objectives of corporate sponsorship in the arts through marketing and sponsorship spends, as well as highlight key elements needed in making the sponsorship approach - all with the outcome of a mutually beneficial relationship
Thursday, February 28th - Marketing (morning session)

Facilitator - Pippa Kapelus, Freedthinkers
Knowing and connecting with markets.
Social Media (afternoon session)
Facilitator - Tara Turkington, Flow Communications
Acquiring the skills and knowledge to best use social media as a marketing tool.

About Business and Arts South Africa NPC:

Business and Arts South Africa NPC is an internationally recognised South African development agency which incorporates the arts into, and contributes to, corporates' commercial success. With a suite of integrated programmes, Business and Arts South Africa NPC encourages mutually beneficial partnerships between business and the arts. Business and Arts South Africa NPC was founded in 1997 as a joint initiative of government and the business sector, to secure the future development of the arts industry in South Africa, through increased corporate sector involvement. Established as a Non Profit Company, Business and Arts South Africa NPC is accountable to both government and its business members.

Business and Arts South Africa's press office

Business and Arts South Africa
Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) is an internationally recognised South African development agency which integrates the Arts into, and contributes to, Corporate's commercial success. With a suite of integrated programmes BASA encourages mutually beneficial partnerships between business and the arts.
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