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Political interference at the SABC? Surely not

NEWSWATCH: An anonymous letter addressed to the SABC board and acting head of news Jimi Matthews alleges there is political interference in the organisation, reports Mail & Guardian. Meanwhile, it seems ANC members have taken to social media to comment on issues, and sometimes trash those they don't like, reports Times Live, while Politics Web reports on the Star having to apologise for a Zille headline, and Andrew Donaldson has a maths lesson for you; no cheating, and have those calculators ready.

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  • Mail & Guardian: Letter claims political interference at SABC... How can this be... political interference at the national broadcaster? Surely not... other than perhaps the banning of certain terms describing Zuma's little house on the prairie, the odd political editor or three being canned before going on air, a little matter of coverage - or not - of certain figures. Other than that...?
  • Times Live: ANC debates trend on social media... I wonder how long it will take before someone puts their foot in it ... Social media is a great tool, but there have been instances where things have been written that most definitely should not have been written - and let's face it, where certain ANC members are concerned, reasoned political discourse is somewhat of a stranger.
  • Politics Web: Star must apologise for Zille headline - Press Ombudsman... Johan Retief has ruled that a Star headline, 'Zille doesn't want a black DA - Coetzee' was misleading. Now the newspaper has to say "Sorry".
  • Politics Web: Who wants to listen to political journalists anyway? How are your maths skills? One hopes better than the results of a recent national survey show. Whatever... Andrew Donaldson has a story sum for you, so grab that calculator, stash the crib notes, and off you go.

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