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Cape Argus to relaunch, revamped

The Cape Argus to relaunch in bigger, more user-friendly format along with the launch of its mobile news app.
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On 1 September 2014, The Cape Argus will relaunch from a compact to a bigger US broadsheet format, with a product that it is claimed will provide even better quality and value to readers and advertisers.

Marking the beginning of another evolution in the newspaper's 157-year history, the change in format is tailored to meet the needs of more than 300,000 daily readers of the newspaper.

As the first of a series of pivotal changes in the Independent Media group, this change is geared towards positioning the newspaper as a forerunner on the landscape of cutting-edge, innovative media.

This innovation will be coupled by the simultaneous launch of the My.Independent app that, it is claimed, for the first time in South African media, will allow readers to gain comprehensive access to localised news at a single, competitive cost. Designed to work on Apple and Android devices, the app will provide readers with content that spans all of Independent's newspapers, while allowing them to choose their content according to their language preferences.

Added value

Independent research pointed to US Broadsheet as the optimum size for an increasingly mobile, commuting society of South Africans. Designed to provide for a user-friendly and tactile reading experience, the new format is said to be easy to fold and it is claimed will bring added value to its readers, with its emphasis on quality content and visually appealing projection. Also aimed at the needs of advertisers, it is claimed its design will provide a larger, sought-after spread for the newspaper's advertising clients.

Under the editorial leadership of Jermaine Craig, the Cape Argus will stand by its tradition of offering current issues and breaking news that speaks to independently minded South Africans, while delivering fresh perspectives on the modern, vibrant city of Cape Town.

On 1 September 2014, its readers will be treated to the same familiar features and columns that have become synonymous with this local news brand, along with coverage that will span topics from lifestyle and national attractions to top entertainment.

"The Cape Argus remains a valued and leading source of news and information to a high-calibre, engaged middle and upper class readership. Our readers are aspirational and community-focused and we are confident that the changes we are introducing will resonate with them and give renewed life to our powerful brand," said Craig.
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