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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

New packaging for Neutrog organic fertilisers

The Neutrog range of organic and semi-organic fertilisers has been rebranded in bright and eye-catching new foil bags, with the foil bag retaining the smell of the essential chicken manure component that will keep the fertiliser fresh.
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The products are all based on composted poultry manure, which is a one of nature's oldest and most trusted sources of minerals and nutrients. Plants absorb the nutrients from the soil as and when needed, rather than being 'force-fed', as is often the case with chemical products. Using this fertiliser in the garden will improve the overall health of the soil and in turn plants, shrubs, grass and trees.

The full range has a new identity - Bounce Back (green top band), Rapid Raiser (red band), Blade Runner (blue band), Sudden Impact for Roses (dark red band) and Seamungus (dark blue band).

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