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Bull Brand refreshes packaging

As part of its brand reinvigoration plans, Bull Brand has refreshed the packaging of its corned meat product range. Founded in 1957, it was acquired last year by South African-based food business, Rhodes Food Group, in line with the company's growth strategy.
"The new look was designed to enhance the iconic status of this famous South African brand, celebrating its heritage and making sure that it stands out on the shelf. We wanted to create a clear, simple and easily recognisable design so that our consumers are able to identify our products quickly in-store.

"The new-look packaging assists consumers to distinguish between our various corned meat variants: the original, Chilli and Chakalaka flavour and Corned Beef. The new design also clearly informs our consumers of product benefits, nutritional value and the Halaal status," says Richard Phillips, Commercial Director for Rhodes Food Group.