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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

New mobisite for offers daily deals has announced the launch of its new mobile website, which involves a redesigned user interface and an improved user experience, from site navigation, to product listings, to a new fast and efficient check out process. The other significant changes made to the mobisite include introducing Daily Deals for mobile and new and improved search functionality.
Commenting on the announcement, co-CEO Willem van Biljon said, "Our new mobile website significantly raises the bar of our users' experience on the web. We focused on two key areas - usability and speed - and we believe the results will be loved by customers."

The South African market has roughly 14 million smartphone users and, according to a recent Effective Measure report, 81.6% of smartphone users are accessing the internet via their smartphone device.

Speaking to the importance of mobile, the company's founder and co-CEO Kim Reid said, "Mobile represents a significant proportion of our visits today. The opportunity is to narrow the gap between mobile usage, which is ubiquitous among smartphone users, and the propensity to shop on mobile. We will achieve that by providing our mobile users with a beautiful, fast and simple mobile experience, regardless of the device they use."