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Free app for private equity in Africa

Phatisa, an African private equity fund manager, has launched a free app for use by professionals in African private equity.
The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) app instantly calculates financial indicators that are the foundation of the industry.

Helping investors

The app comprises three variables - investment time period, in years; TMB (times money back) multiple such as three times the initial investment; and a resultant IRR. While the key result of the app is to calculate IRR, a user can input any two of these three variables and get a result for the unknown or missing parameter.

Stuart Bradley, senior partner at Phatisa, explains that while the app will certainly not replace detailed financial modelling required for investment evaluation, it gives an immediate answer that can help investors early on in the decision-making process. "It could be used as a quick check during negotiations with potential investee companies; during internal deal team discussions; or while on the go."

A news segment relating to African private equity; exchange rates featuring African currencies streamed live; and an agri commodity price feature updated daily complement the Phatisa app.
Great design and functionality.
Posted on 28 Jul 2014 11:33