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Top 40 South African brands on Mxit on 30 June 2014

The latest Mxit Brand Index has been released, revealing the Top 40 South African brands on Mxit on 30 June 2014.

Top 40 South African brands on Mxit on 30 June 2014

CLICK HERE for the full list of Top 40 Brands on the Mxit Brand Index

Snapshot: Nokia enters the top 10; Sunlight debuts in 18th position and Coca-Cola reaches the top 20. Engaging campaigns and competitions drive solid growth for Telkom Mobile, FNB, MTN, Stimorol, PEPcell and Nando's.

Sunlight's new Mxit app debuts in 18th position, following the multi-channel #ShareTheHappy campaign that attracted 169,173 new subscribers - a growth of 66% in June.

Nokia enjoyed a 21% increase, as 97,238 new subscribers helped the brand jump 4 places to 9th position on the Brand Index. This was achieved through a splash screen advertising campaign that propelled their spectacular growth in just 5 days. This is the second month of high growth for Nokia.

Coca-Cola was June's 3rd biggest brand in terms of volume growth. The top-ranked FMCG brand reached the 20th position with their FIFA campaigns that pulled in 51,028 new subscribers. The relevance of the World Cup continued to drive growth for football-themed apps like Kick Off and Kaizer Chiefs, who grew by 17,906 and 12,952 subscribers respectively.

Stimorol's Berry Party campaign delivered a 12% growth of 28,414 new subscribers, while Nando's Give Your Body What It Wants promotion pushed the brand to 36th position, following their recent debut in May. FNB's Varsity Sports campaign saw the top banking brand strengthen their subscriber base with 27,176 additional subscribers. Telkom Mobile retained their number 10 position off the back of their Telkom Mobile Prepaid and Smartplan campaigns.

Brands to watch: KFC

Fast food brand KFC is just 66,440 subscribers short of becoming the 6th brand on Mxit to boast over a million subscribers to its mobile app.

Top Brands by category:
Top mobile brand:Samsung
Top mobile network brand:Telkom Mobile
Top banking brand:FNB
Top financial services brand:1Life
Top sports brand:Nike Football
Top media brand:SuperSport
Top retail brand:PEPcell
Top FMCG brand:Coca-Cola
Top fast food brand:KFC