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BizTrends 2018

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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Vitamin app for Samsung

Much as the body requires vitamins to function effectively, so to do the innovative smart devices. With this in mind, Samsung has introduced the Vitamin app for its mobile devices, to provide a new level of customer intelligence through analytics, by seamlessly delivering information about the device, at the click of a button.
Available for download from a Galaxy mobile device, the Vitamin App offers valuable information across a range of products, including smartphones, televisions and cameras.

Instant feedback

"Customers demand instant feedback but are also tech savvy and search for information themselves. This led to the creation of the portal, that offers consumers insight into products they use daily, thereby increasing the performance and their overall satisfaction," says Michelle Potgieter, director of corporate marketing and communications at Samsung Electronics SA.

Gaining an understanding of the various functionalities and capabilities of the products, as well as enjoying a direct communication channel to the company, are some of the key benefits of this exclusive value offering.

"The app offers a safe and convenient portal for the management of products, with a personalised support centre, empowering users to send requests, administer product warranties and track repairs. With this app and the improved eco-system offering, the company is driving customer-centricity to a whole new level of engagement," concludes Potgieter.