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Three new uncapped hosting products for SMMEs

Three new uncapped hosting packages for small businesses, home offices and personal websites have been launched by MWeb, including new features, enhancements and tools at competitive prices.
Rihana Hoosain, MWeb head of products, says the ISP first launched a very basic, uncapped hosting product in 2011, but found that a large segment of this market required more advanced functionality, automation and control. With the new Basic Lite product at R29, its ADSL customers will still have the benefit of a free year of uncapped hosting. The two others are the Pro and Ultra packages.

"We've listened to our customers and put together a range of products that not only have all the benefits of uncapped hosting, but also many more advanced features at very competitive prices.

More control

She says the uncapped hosting suite gives individuals and small businesses more control and visibility of their website's management and metrics and allows small businesses to begin with the features they need and grow from there.

"They suit small businesses at different points in their life cycle. We've always taken a strong stand in favour of using technology to propel businesses from the launch to growth phase. We think the combination of features in any of the packages - for a flat fee of less than R100 - will hit the same sweet spot as some of our other ground-breaking announcements."

Even though the package is shared hosting aimed at small businesses, the ISP also has hosting packages for larger businesses that has additional web hosting requirements.

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