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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Face yoga forms part of new campaign for KFC Milkybar Krusher

On behalf of KFC Milkybar Krusher, Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg has conceptualised 'Face Yoga' for a new campaign.
Face Yoga is an invented technique, where one practices the art of pulling one's face into different 'poses' in order to relax. "The campaign was inspired by the physical makeup of the new product, which is thick and chunky and so requires the use of all your facial muscles to slurp it up," explains Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg creative director, Mike Martin.

In the same way, that yoga strengthens muscles and induces relaxation, so Face Yoga prepares you to drink the new drink, resulting in the ultimate chill.

The campaign is fronted by an eccentric, humorous character called Shmarmy Kush, a self-proclaimed Face Yoga guru, who will spend the duration of the campaign teaching people how to chill by practicing Face Yoga.

Face yoga poses

The names of the Face Yoga 'poses' are linked to its target market, students and youth. Poses include the "Yes I can listen to you and tweet" and the "I'm LOL-ing but still don't get the joke" pose.

"The campaign is a fun and interactive way to introduce the new drink to students and we're sure they will fall in love with the outlandish Kush as much as we have," says KFC South Africa's chief marketing officer, David Timm.

The campaign, which recently kicked off, consists of three phases and will run until early next year, rolling out with a television advert, activated radio, billboards, digital activities and campus activations.

Campaign credits

  • Marion Bryan - creative group head
  • Mike Martin - creative director
  • Catherine Conradie - creative group head
  • David Krueger - copywriter