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City of Joburg orders pole advertiser to remove its advertisements

The City of Johannesburg wants a street pole advertiser to remove its advertising and repair any damage to city property caused by its advertising boards within 90 days.
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A final letter of demand to the company, currently operating as Adreach, was issued after the advertiser ignored a notice from the city.

Failure to comply will result in the city removing all street pole advertising and claiming the costs from Adreach.

The city wants to reduce the "clutter" in Johannesburg and re-introduce control and regulation in outdoor advertising.

"The present proliferation of all forms of outdoor advertising has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the value of advertising, brought about duopolies and worst of all, has made our city look tacky and unsightly," said Leah Knott, MMC for the department of economic development.

"By reducing outdoor advertising, we will enhance its revenue value to both the City and the advertising companies. This will also give us the opportunity to open up the game to smaller players and ultimately create a more open and transparent advertising arena."

She said the current administration acknowledged that Johannesburg was the only city in the country that had lost control of its outdoor advertising, which she blamed on the previous administration.

"Adreach is by no means the only offender; almost all outdoor companies are operating illegal signs and billboards to some extent. We can only hope that these companies can accept that the days of anarchy have come to an end. Companies that are innovative and adaptable will not fear proper regulation," Knott said.

Source: The Times via I-Net Bridge.
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