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SABC3 zooms in on men

SABC3’s new talk show Zooming in on Men is a weekly 24-minute hybrid where magazine meets talk to engage men and women about men. It aims to be a fast moving, high end, creative format that speaks to the accomplished, open-minded, urban male and female.
The show will be hosted by Eric Miyeni, author of the bestselling book O’Mandingo! The Only Black at The Dinner Party.

Modern man

The modern man is actively looking for insight on the many important milestones that happen in the process of boys becoming men, in the stages of manhood itself and in recognising and understanding the different masculinities that exist in this evolving world. The stages and aspects are diverse, from fatherhood, marriage, professional growth and development, to single parenthood, etc).

This is information that would have been readily available in traditional societal structures, which barely exist in an urban setting, and, with regards to the unique and challenging elements that have developed over the development of the current modern urban man, information that has not been explored and engaged with. .

There are very few programmes, if any, on our television stations that are dedicated to men and, somehow, it has become politically incorrect to publicly state that the male species, which makes up half of our population, has got the right to its own passion, pastimes, obsessions and have vital learning and discovering to do - outside of cars and sports – in their interaction with women and children.

The success of print formats, such as Men’s Health and GQ, and the changing South African social landscape suggest that there is definitely a gap in the market for a television property that talks to men and women about men.

All the above taken into consideration, Zooming In On Men has been developed to tackle issues related to men becoming better men, exploring the challenges and questions they face in a post millennium South Africa and engaging with women of creating a humanity that is inclusive and progressive.

Target market

The target market is LSM 7 – 10, with a relatively even split between black and white.

Zooming In On Men is to be broadcast on a Sunday at 4.30pm, following Car Torque, with a broad target market of the modern urban male, anchored in multiple contexts, which includes, though not limited to:
  • Rural
  • Semi-urban / peri-urban
  • African
  • Temporal (i.e. era, economic & social context)
  • Traditional (i.e. Afrikaner, Indian, Zulu, etc)
  • Sexuality
  • Religion
At the same time, with SABC3’s 54% female viewership, Zooming in on Men is inclusive and talks to men and women.
SABC3 zooms in on men-
Much promising move from the SABC now that most channels have retired men to sport , theater and reading . The only forum for sharing ideas with other men about the men`s world was thrown out the window to the nearest shebeen . This will be one reason I`ll watch tell-lie-vision again , for I gave up realising television viewing became pop-corn like with +-90% of programming women and children biased across the channels ; men can only take advantage of family-targetted programs . The time is still awkward though for it`s scheduled back-back with soccer/sport , but they`ll hopefully find the suitable prime-time slot soon . As for the presenter I wonder if he`ll be man enough to man the men`s forum for my experience have taught me - though I respect him for his professional know-all attitude - he can be notoriously unreliable and calamitously snobbish .
Posted on 19 Apr 2007 13:33
Maswazi Mngomezulu
Reasonable Doubt-
This is long overdue but couldn't have come at a better time. This will hopefully demystify stereotypes such as; every Tom, Dick & Xolani is an average Joe. We need more programmes like these; if not for anything else, just to give hope to boys who are evolving into manhood. They need not die for the sins of the father but be given assurance that judgment against them will come with reasonable doubt. I wish the programme can do more especially for us the 3rd wave of SA entrepreneurs or like Penny Lebyane phrases it, "Jigger Minded kind of man"
Posted on 2 May 2007 16:26
Are they for real?-
This is cool. There's nowhere to go if you are a young man. 90% advice on how to be a good man comes from woman, and we wonder why gays are at all time high in the country. I'm sceptical, they might be a situation where from maybe the fith episode the spot light shifts to woman. There have been cases where such attepms were poluted by the involvement of woman. E.G. YMCA - Young Man Christian Association, guess what, is chaired by a woman. And I said to myself "no wonder why the church has a soft spot for gays. Give me one example of a real man amongst SA celebs. I really need this SABC3 programme.
Posted on 16 May 2007 11:49