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New Coronation TVC from Net#work BBDO

The new TVC for Coronation Fund Managers, airing in May 2014, further entrenches Coronation's chosen platform 'Trust is earned'.
Jenny Glover, Joint ECD at Net#work BBDO says that she believes that the direction of the piece and the story portrayed is a poignant way to convey the importance of trust in a relationship. "Many companies might claim to be trustworthy, but the client not only has the hard evidence but also a set of values that drives consistently great performance. It understands that trust is hard won, yet can be so easily lost.

"We were lucky enough to find a true story that echoes the culture it holds dear - no matter how much experience you have, you never take your clients' trust for granted. You exist because of them and for that reason you never stop working to earn their trust."


The new commercial portrays a village and the trust bestowed upon a doctor by the small community. The viewer is privy to a snapshot of the 32 years that the doctor practised in the community delivering countless babies and attending to various ailments. Throughout the piece you are acutely aware of something unusual, only to discover that the doctor was in fact blind for the majority of his career.

Glover says that the message is intended to resonate with viewers long after seeing the piece. "This is not a fable that viewers should learn from, but rather a true story of a time past, when trust defeated any doubt."

Authentic message

Brent Singer, Joint ECD at Net#work BBDO says, "Our aim was to transcribe the story as authentically as possible. We shot the advert on film to ensure the piece felt like it was being told in the 30s when it took place. Every element including each set, the props, the wardrobe and the actors were employed to ensure the period was portrayed accurately.

"Ultimately, it's about attention to detail. Every single engagement with the brand has to reflect the rigour and attention to detail applied to what they do," he concludes.

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