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Safari company launches video series to inform travellers to Africa

Safari company Rhino Africa launched a new video series titled Rhino Africa's Travel Tips which aims to answer all question those travelling to Africa may have.

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Spurred by the worldwide growth of mobile devices, the series was created exclusively for mobile devices and shot in a vertical format. The videos are short, sharp and entertaining. They offer a comprehensive guide to Africa through more than 100 different videos.

Ryan Rapaport, Rhino Africa's creative director, explains: "The most exciting thing for us is that our travellers can now confidently travel throughout Africa and feel like they have us alongside them with the correct and up-to-date information in the palm of their hands. The series will tackle all the top destinations in Africa and cover topics such as when to go, what to pack and what to do. It’s everything a first-time traveller to Africa could wish to know, and we’re very excited to get it in the hands of our travellers and for them to use it and take advantage of it."

The project was a reaction to the fact that people are changing the way they use the internet. In 2014, mobile overtook desktop in terms of the number of users and time spent on the internet. Alongside this development, vertical video has also grown exponentially through social media startups such as Snapchat and Periscope. By 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be video. Rhino Africa recognised the massive opportunity to move into this space and Rhino Africa’s Travel Tips was born.

"Our favourite aspect about our Travel Tips segment is that our travellers can now quite literally keep us in their pocket as they travel around the continent. We know all of our destinations like a leopard knows its spots and we've ensured that all of our information is up-to-date and now available to our travellers in the palm of their hands and at the mere push of a button. Travel Tips is precisely the sort of thing travellers need: short, concise, informative, and useful information that is on hand anytime, anywhere," says Rapaport.

The series will cover the most popular destinations in Africa such as Cape Town, Victoria Falls, the Kruger National Park, Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya just to name a few. Rhino Africa encourages viewers to leave questions regarding African travel in the comments section, which they will answer as the series progresses.

*This article has been updated.
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