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What some might call a bit of a PR Ballz-up?

NEWSWATCH: On the radio front, the furore over internet radio listenership figures was bad enough, but it was exacerbated by bad PR, according to Mail & Guardian, and according to a CNET report, Facebook's implementation of its new unified email is a mess, with emails being lost. No wonder users are angry.

For more:

  • Mail & Guardian: Bad PR further damages online radio in SA... When it hits the fan, the best policy is usually to be open, calm and courteous. That apparently isn't what happened in every instance here, and bad attitudes served only to make an already difficult situation even worse. In this case, one of the parties kept their cool, but...
  • CNET: Facebook e-mail mess: Address books altered; e-mail lost... It's somewhat of a PR disaster - apart from the fact that contacts' email addresses on their phones and their other personal devices were changed without their consent - and that's bad in itself - it seems the whole process is flawed.

    You might also like to take a look at how one former senior Facebook employee views her time at Facebook and working for Mark Zuckerberg, apparently dubbed by some staff the "little emperor".

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