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Student Radio Network launches new website

Student Radio Network, a commercial venture aimed at developing campus radio in South Africa, has launched a new website. The website incorporates live audio streaming from 14 local radio stations and student-orientated content.
The website was designed to inform and entertain, and will be updated with international and local music news, local gig guides, online gaming and a section dedicated to poker.

Bay FM, Kovsie FM, MFM, Puk FM, Radio Turf, RMR, Tuks FM, TUT FM, TUT Top Stereo, UCT Radio, UJFM, UKZN Radio, UNI FM, and VUT FM can be streamed live from the website, providing regional South African campus radio stations exposure to national and international listeners, as well as potential advertisers.

“Our website is free of clutter and is big on relevant student content and audio streaming,” says Simone Kritzinger, MD of Student Radio Network. “The campus radio stations affiliated to Student Radio Network now have a dedicated audio stream, ensuring that both their advertisers and fans have 24-hour access to great content and music.”

During 2007, Student Radio Network identified an opportunity for national and global brands to target the lucrative student market through radio advertising. The website and audio streaming functionality assists campus radio stations to overcome the confines of a regional footprint and the lack of resources to fund individual audio streaming.

“The live audio stream counteracts the only obstacle we have encountered over the past two years in attracting corporate advertisers to student radio,” says Richard Perry, Student Radio Network operations director.

This first phase of the website includes live audio streaming, games, music news, static music charts, and general infotainment targeted at the youth market. The next phase will focus on user-driven content and social networking.

“Student Radio Network is now the only media company in the country to provide access to local student radio broadcasting from a single platform, further enhancing our business model that provides advertisers a targeted, easy-to-manage and cost-effective approach to reaching the South African student market”, concludes Kritzinger.

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