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On Air Radio Conference announces speakers

The inaugural On Air Radio conference, being held on 11 April 2014 at the Michelangelo Hotel, Sandton from 10am to 2pm, has announced some of its speakers.


    • Multi-channel campaigns and technology - Successful radio stations do not just use a single medium to entice and service listeners and advertisers. They now have more ways to deliver content and commercial messaging. Are they getting it right and is it worth the effort in a country where bandwidth remains an issue?

    Panellists: Omar Essack - Kagiso Broadcasting, Gordon Patterson - independent consultant, Simon Parkinson - Primedia Broadcasting, Robin Prior - RCS Africa

    • Creative advertising - radio offers an opportunity to exercise creativity. However, is that really the case when so many radio ads are a litany of poorly written and scored jingles followed by a phone number? A top panel of radio advertising creative minds discuss and debate a sample of radio advertising.

    Panellists: John Culverwell - Sonovision Studios, Aubrey Malden - Forensic Marketing, Rob McLennan - King James II

    • Programming versus advertising - Ask any programme manager what kind of advertising they want and it will be something well written, magnificently produced and fitting in with the seamless flow of output. While advertisers acknowledge the power of creativity, they also want their brand and telephone mentioned and mentioned again.

    So how do you satisfy both parties? Preceding this debate, we will unveil new research in this respect conducted by leading global research house TNS South Africa. In addition, we will highlight the RAB On the Spot: Brave New Radio campaign case study.

    Panellists: Matona Sakupwanya - RAB, Neil Johnson - Kaya FM, Gordon Muller - GSM Quadrant
Tickets are R595 ex Vat and participants should book by 1 April 2014.