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RAB announces new campaign

The Radio Advertising Bureau South Africa (RAB) has launched its 'On the Spot' campaign to reposition radio in the minds of advertisers and their agencies as a primary and effective advertising vehicle.
It has challenged 10 of South Africa's creative agencies to create and submit their best out-of-the-box radio pilots for judging. The five best ideas will be recorded, flighted and entered into the Loerie Awards, setting a new benchmark in radio. The overall winner will be announced at the end of April 2014.

RAB GM, Matona Sakupwanya says, "Radio advertising is no longer just about creating ads, it is about creating experiences that fit into people's lives. Technology has forced brands to become more human than ever before and radio is best placed to spearhead this revolution. The medium has always been great at telling personal stories and capturing the imagination. We believe the advertising should be as personal as the medium is. For radio to continue to be a frontrunner in providing real value to advertisers, we are putting ourselves 'on the spot' by challenging the industry to shift the thinking - and in some cases - break the rules on how radio is approached and used."

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