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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

New traditions - Radio drives iTunes charts

Using traditional media platforms in partnership with new ones is something that I find very appealing. Traditional platforms generally still hold a lot of the audience mass and so can drive participation if they tailor their propositions properly.
This video case study shows a very nice example of how a traditional medium (radio) was used successfully to drive engagement and ultimately sales for Sony on iTunes. It's a very nice harmony of reputable brands working together to create tangible success across a specific spectrum.

About Travis Bussiahn

Travis is a media analyst who uses industry trends to create contagious and harmonious content solutions across multiple channels for brands and broadcasters alike. He understands the importance of emotional connection in content, branded or otherwise and believes in traditional media's ability to be blended with new media to profound and holistic effect. He loves and excels at concept and the art of story. Contact details: website | Twitter @TravisBussiahn