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[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 13: Break into new markets using innovative strategies

Find out how to break into new markets with innovative strategies by listening to the Biz Takeouts podcast of last week's Bizcommunity/Chai FM Media & Marketing radio show, which airs every Wednesday 6pm-7pm on 101.9 FM in Johannesburg and via streaming audio. [twitterfall]


In studio on Wednesday, 31 August 2011, were Oresti Patricios (@orestaki), CEO of the Ornico Group, and Urs Honegger, publisher/MD of Panorama Publications which is launching Quest (to be known as Braintainment in South Africa. They joined temporary show host Ezra Ndwandwe to discuss how to break into new markets with innovative strategies, as well as current industry news

The agency focus was on Lowe Bull Johannesburg, with MD Sarah Dexter.

The news roundup, from Bizcommunity's marketing manager Warren Harding (@WazzaBiz), covered Malema-mayhem and media coverage, the latest on the Protection of Information Bill (Secrecy Bill), the bid to be the next host city for Loeries and South Africa's Best Employers for 2011. Harding also thanked our readers and listeners for all the #happybiz10 birthday wishes.


If you missed the show, download (44.2MB) or listen to the podcast (48.17 minutes).

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