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[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 104: Mike Wronski, Fred Roed and Oresti Patricios

On the last Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show, 4 September, we had a jam packed show filled with some of South Africa's marketing and agency elite.
We started the show with a regular and always insightful guest, the CEO or World Wide Creative (@wwcteam), Fred Roed (@Fred_Roed). Fred is also one of the founders of HeavyChef (@heavychef). We spoke about what's happening at World Wide Creative, and how content has become a major division within the company. We also discussed the importance of video content and how the video content team, the digital and SEO teams work together to ensure all work is maximised and discoverable online. We also chatted about the agency and the HeavyChef approach of: "Never trust a skinny chef". In this light World Wide Creative pushes content as a marketing tool by practising what they preach to clients.

Go have a look at what World Wide Creative offers here:
Find out more about Heavy Chef here:

Here is some awesome video content from a recent Heavy Chef event in JHB:

Then, on Biz Takeouts, we welcomed the CEO of brand intelligence firm, Ornico (@OrnicoMedia), Oresti Patricios (@Orestaki) to talk about a recent opinion piece he wrote called: "Africa must build industries for the continent". The article looked at the impact of the recent spurt of SA agencies been bought out by large global agencies. We look at the impact on the agency management, the staff and the level of service and creativity for clients when agencies "sell out" to multinationals. We also look at the interest in SA agencies for the global agencies as well as the economical effects for SA on buy outs.

Oresti is quite clear in his feelings of "selling out" and how the only pro for an agency and owner is the payout, where the cons outway this cash benefit in many ways.

Check out Ornico here: and Oresti's blog here:

Our last guest on the show was Mike Wronksi (@mikewronski), CEO of FuseWare (@Fuseware) and general social media analysis, research and trend expert. We chatted about the upcoming Marketing Mix conference, the annual Social Media Landscape Briefing, happening on 16 September in JHB and 18 September in Cape Town. The event offers attendees an in-depth look at the the latest landscape research, results and insights affecting social media in South Africa and globally. Mike Wronski and Arthur Goldstuck are joined by some top social media experts to share experiences and best practices.

On the show Mike gave us an insight into some of the results and talks about how Mxit and Pinterest have decreased in users over the last year while Facebook and Twitter have grown, although at a slower rate than previous years.

To see the panel of experts and book tickets to attend, have a look at the Marketing Mix Conferences website for each event.

Johannesburg event

Cape Town event

If you missed the show, which airs every Thursday 9-10am streamed live via 2oceansVibe Radio, make sure you listen to this week's podcast. [twitterfall]

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If you missed the show, download (103MB) or listen to the podcast (56:42min).

Episode 104: Mike Wronski, Fred Roed and Oresti Patricios

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