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[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 91: Two big digital marketing events happening in June

On the last Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show we chatted to Daniel Marcus (@danmarcusSA) of Living Your Brand (@livingyourbrand), the organisers of The IMC Conference (@IMCConference) to find out more about the event happening on 9 and 10 June in Cape Town.
We also chat to one of the event speakers Jonty Fisher (@jontyfisher), MD or Bletchley Park (@bletchleyPraat) about what he is getting up to at the IMC Conference.

Then we move our attention to another event and we speak to Managing Director of Acceleration (@accelerationbiz) Richard Mullins, to find out more about Acceleration's Digital Ignition Symposium happening on 3 and 4 June in Franschhoek in Cape Town.

Get all the information by listening to this week's podcast of the show, which airs every Thursday 9am-10am streamed live via 2oceansVibe Radio. [twitterfall]

TICKET GIVE AWAY: We have a ticket to give away to the IMC Conference in Cape Town on 9 and 10 June. To win, simply tweet @BizWazza using the #biztakeouts hashtag, and tell him which speaker your looking forward to the most. The winner will be announced Monday 1 June.


In studio on Thursday 29 May we hosted Daniel Marcus and Jonty Fisher.

BizcommunityWhat is IMC and what is the conference all about?

Daniel Marcus: It's a concept we launched in 2010, a concept that could be attractive for delegates, speakers and sponsors all gaining value out of a conference. It was an idea to give the delegates an opportunity to tailor make a conference. We want an event where they can come and get a touch of everything and focus on what interests them. Leave with a bit a everything in terms of trends and tools and whatever interests they can take further. At IMC we focus on Social, Digital, Below the Line, Mobile, try to focus on all displines within marketing.

BizcommunityAs a speaker at the conference, what makes it interesting for you?

Jonty Fisher: I think what's interesting about The IMC conference is the mix of learn by listening and the learn by doing, which I think is quite unique. Most conferences are more about inspiration and what's great about this conference is that there is a lot of take away and people go there and walk away with some real actionable learnings. As a speaker the opportunity allows me to speaker to some good prospects as well.

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On the telephone on Thursday 29 May we hosted Richard Mullins, MD or Acceleration Media.

BizcommunityLets look at the theme this year of - Know your audience

Richard Mullins: So the challenge for digital at the moment is the talk about remarketing and big data so this is all about truly understanding how you can use data to engage with your audience at a much deeper level. What we trying to do at the symposium this year is about how you can use data effectively to engage people in a one to one, right time, right message kind of environment. Across media, social and other platforms it's about how people use and correlate data from multiple sources, to be able to enhance the engagement at an audience level.

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Get all the other questions, answers and more by listening to this week's podcast.

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Episode 91: Two big digital marketing events happening in June

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