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Tribute to Nelson Mandela... Celebrate Madiba's life...

6 Dec 2013 05:06
A great man has passed away and we all mourn the loss of Madiba, but while we mourn, let us also celebrate the life and the achievements of one of history's greatest statesmen, and certainly South Africa's and Africa's greatest. (video)
Imprisoned for much of his life, Madiba (Born 18 July 1918; Passed away 5 December 2013) emerged from prison not a broken or bitter man, but instead he emerged as a beacon of hope, forgiveness and reconciliation. It is difficult if not impossible to imagine any other person who could have embodied all those qualities, and the ability to impart them to the people of SA and the world, as he did.

One of the quotes attributed to him reads: "If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of these roads could be named Goodness and Forgiveness." His achievement in being the power behind what a great many people, here in SA but also around the world call "the miracle of South Africa" confirms that he travelled both those roads, for the benefit of his country and all who live here.

For many South Africans, his presidency was the golden age of democracy in this country, and the challenge now is for a future leader to fill the void he left, but it will be a rare individual who can achieve what Madiba achieved...

Unlike many leaders who prefer to hog the limelight, Madiba had a take on leadership that many current leaders here and elsewhere might be wise to adopt. He is quoted as saying: "It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership."

He would be the first to refute any claims that he was a saint or infallible, he was human after all, but he did indeed prove that, as he is quoted as saying: "A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."

And a formidable leader he was. Now he can rest in peace having left a legacy that will endure.

See also [ICONS of South Africa]: Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela's first interview

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You are welcome to submit your tributes to Nelson Mandela below, and perhaps reflect on how he touched your life, whether you were fortunate enough to meet him, or simply by how he brought this nation together when it counted most:
Rod Baker
A unique and a great man. May he rest in peace. We at Bizcommunity.com extend our condolences to the Mandela family and indeed to everyone who was touched by Nelson Mandela - which, quite frankly, was just about everyone.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 05:22
May your soul rest in peace tata, you will always be remembered.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 08:11
It is sad day, for all the South Africans, and i wish everyone to accept that the Legend is gone to a peaceful land, we will always remeber your good heart.

Rest in Peace my Father!!!
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 08:22
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 08:26
Kyle Oliver
A great man who after all he went through still forgave the people who who wanted him dead. An inspiration to me and all South Africans. If only I could be as forgiving as he was. Thank you Mr Mandela for not being a bitter man but instead changing South Africa for the better. May you rest in peace and may your family be comforted in their time of grief. All our love!
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 08:33
Shed a tear in the early hours. Feeling lost today. Rest well Madiba!
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 08:46
RIP Nelson Mandela, we will always have you in our hearts. ???
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 10:24
R.I.P to #Tata. Heaven is so lucky to gain such a lovely selfless angel.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 10:24
It so hard to say goodbye Madiba. I think the name South Africa must be changed to Madiba Country.
even Bafana-Bafana we need to change that name and call them Madiba Boys. long live Black Jesus
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 10:33
I still wonder if he was the president of the world,would we still have pain and suffering .Mr Mandela you was the father of the world we will miss you .Rest In Peace and may GOD bless the Mandela family With love from Namibia
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 10:34
It so hard to say goodbye Madiba. I think the name South Africa must be changed to Madiba Country.
even Bafana-Bafana we need to change that name and call them Madiba Boys. long live Black Jesus

SizwesamaHlubi Radebe.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 10:35
Terry Levin

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 10:38
There is nothing to say, and there is nothing I can do to bring him back. rest In Peace Tata.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 10:51
May his soul rest in peace & may the spirit of FORGIVENESS rest upon all AFRICANS!
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 11:00
Tata! You have walked through doors and gates that have closed your path to freedom, today you are walking through the gates of your own destiny that you have finally reached.

Hamba Kahle

Zweli Sobantu
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 11:10
Kgaogelo Masilo

"For this is a journey we all must take,
And each must go alone,
It’s all a part of the Master’s plan
A step on the road to home
Miss me – But let me go"
Amy Louise Kerswell
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 11:11
"Sounds the call to come together,
And united we shall stand,
Let us live and strive for freedom
In South Africa our land."

It is my hope that each one of us will strive to uphold and continue our great father's legacy. May we let go of all our pettiness and gather together to build our nation into the great nation Madiba sought it to be.

Rest in peace, Tata Mandela.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 11:15
The world is a sadder place today without the spirit of Madiba. may it live on in us all, and may we all find the strength and courage to live with integrity, dignity and valour, and walk in the ways of Madiba. rest in peace, Tata. We love you.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 11:20
They say History often repeats itself, but in the case of Mandela, we as South Africans and the world at large we will never get to experience living in the presence of a legend like Nelson Mandela. May we all use his teachings and strive to create a South Africa he envisioned. Let us not loose faith when the odds seem stacked against us and we must never forget the sacrifice he and his comrades made in order to build a South Africa that will be the envy of all and sundry.

Rest in Peace Rolihlahla Mandela
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 11:27
We will continue celebrating your live Tata. You're in better place now. R.I.P
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 11:42
Robala ka kgotso tata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.you have been true to all races and mankind. You have left a legacy of ubuntu at cost,tirelessly and unconquered.a true icon of african nation and the entire world...and your spirit will live long!!! Amandla-awethu!
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 11:50
A great man indeed! May he rest in peace.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 11:52
The only Nelson we acknowledge is Mandela.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 11:53
A mighty IROKO tree has fallen in Africa's forest
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 12:02
There was no other like you Tata Madiba, let all us South African's follow your in your footsteps and remember that we are all one and that we should stay united not only now but for always. You will be sadly missed not by a country but you will be worldwide as you have touched so many hearts all over the world. May your Soul Rest In Piece! My heartfelt condolences to the extended Madiba family and to all South Africans.

Alice Oggen - JHB
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 12:07
New Tribute Song to Nelson Mandela
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 12:17
Go well my dear father, Go well and take your rest, your life was an inspiration to the world. Your love, humanity, kindness and lessons will forever remain in our hearts. Will always remember that smile on your face and the voice that was humble as ever. Love you TATA, may his spirit rest peacefully
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 12:23
He was a great person. have done many good things for the world and for poor people.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 12:36
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 12:53
What a great man,a true lead who give his life so that we can be free.

He will be surely miss
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 12:55
I cannot stop the tears pouring from my eyes. A legend, my DADA, is gone! He will stay in my heart and my mind for the rest of my life; our life! May you rest in peace and your legacy live on!
Hamba kakuhle
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 13:19
We can continue with Tata Madiba's legacy by doing our part in making the world a better place.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 13:29
We thank God for Mandela's life. Racism is a primitive culture and Nelson fought it hard. Let all Africans rise up. Illiterate Indians are treated like kings in Tanzania, Whites in Kenya eat game meat and treat Kenyans like animals. All of us have red blood. We must stop racism. Thank You Mandela. I am a free black man in Kenya.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 13:54
The Man With The Seven Lives

You are a true model of a True African spirited man,you had seven Lives and made most use of each of them to the fullest,may your spirit be multiplied all over the lands of the man of color,where we will live for another even to the point of death.

Adieu Papa.

Lanre Oriola
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:02
I remember reading a poem about Mandela in my English class about the day he got released. They dramatised the whole situation, how things would never be the same and it was not a good idea.

I sat and wondered if the poet understood him own words.
Mandela did so much much for this country and our continent as a whole and he will forever be remembered for his fight, how he never gave up and how he knew he could make a difference in the world.

You're in a better place now God knew it was your time to leave.
Rest In Peace Sir, until we meet
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:05
tawanda mukwasi
No doubt the continent has lost its greatest statesman ever. He epitomizes everything that the current African political leadership is not, and is an inspiration to the future generation of leaders.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:05
Yanga umphefumlo wakho ungalala ngoxolo "TATA"
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:13
Tsamaya sentle Madiba, Seaparankwe, re tla go gopola ka dipuo le ka ditiro tsa gago
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:29
I, Amanda Lungelwa Ntshiba...l take an oath to be a good South African. As a Fiimaker l will make sure l portrait this image of love and peace to the whole world. Nelson Mandela Thank you for your Power. RIP boss
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:33
Rest in peace Tata. You are indeed the father of the nation and I admire your presence and thoughts of politics and freedom. South Africa is indeed a nation of many peoples that are to be treated as equals. Thank you for fighting against white domination and fighting against black domination. May your spirit live on, Mandela is not on the father of the African nations but that of the world. The world is a little better because of you, everyone who hears about your efforts and humanitarian spirit changes everyone, even just a little change that you have on everyone is enough to work through world peace. We love you Tata, I love you like I love my deceased father, who also encouraged me to become friends with anyone, no matter their culture, race or place of ' origin"
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:34
Nelson Mandela the road to democracy, a father to those passionate for the economic, political, cultural and social transformation of African continent and the world in as a whole has finally rested. his loss is more of a celebration than grief because what he inculcated in us is not only the spirit of pursuing for your dream up to the end at any cost but also the boldness to forgive.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:35
Priyesh Jagjivan
A dedication to Nelson Mandela - by Priyesh Jagjivan

Today we share in the great loss and sadness
In the passing of a great man who was filled with so much goodness
He lived a life in dedication to others and touched each of us with his kindness
Today, tears fall all around the atlas, as we marvel his greatness
A great humanitarian of simple deeds, something I wish we could all practice.

Born and destined to save his nation from oppression without question,
27 years wasted in prison, upon his release he only showed compassion,
To those whom inflicted harm and depression with laws and aggression,
Against a nation who was in search of equality and freedom from oppression,
In reflection, I know you couldn’t do it alone, so you rallied us with your direction,
Your words evaporated all civil war tension, your calmness changed the whole situation,
You had such great vision from the very start of the revolution,
Faced with your own frustration, stripped of all your worldly possessions
You stood tall and you saved us all from an unbearable oppression.

You will always have my admiration for the remainder of my duration,
Your legacy will live forever on through you’re various foundations,
I will learn your life, and spread your word through education,
Your good deeds will fill my every conversation,
Until I’m finally on the grand stage of life’s final graduation

No one alive will be able to express our gratitude
There are just not enough words for a man of your magnitude
You have been our country’s saviour
But you will always be, our teacher, our preacher, our father
Our keeper, our strength, our brother
You saved us ... You saved us

Rest now Tata in the place where you belong
The struggle was hard and long
We will sing your name in every song,
Rest now Tata in the place where you belong
Farewell Tata, farewell

By Priyesh Jagjivan
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:38
A GIANT has fallen

There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:41
Mr Mandela you teach us how to forgive and forget and teach us to love one another as brother and sister. Now we are real South African and United as one. Together we thank God to bring you in our lives. we will always remember you.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:43
Mr Mandela you teach us how to forgive and forget and teach us to love one another as brother and sister. Now we are real South African and United as one. Together we thank God to bring you in our lives. we will always remember you.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:45
A great human being, is lost to us today. A man filled with justice, humility and respect. To be a leader so focused on uniting South Africa and whose vision was for a land of hope and success. I hope we can all carry a piece of the wisdom, left behind and use that to make our nation home again.

R.I.P Madiba

M Botes
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:46
A Role Well Played... A Legends Life Well Presented... A Great Leader, National Icon Not Forgetting a Human/Man/Father/Grandfather/Son/Brother/Husband Who Had a Vision, a Vision Which You & I Share Today... A Legacy Toned For Us To Enjoy. The Long Walk Continues, Hamba Kahle Mkhondo, Tsela Tshweu.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 14:51
I think the greatest lesson Madiba taught us was that of Forgiveness and how to move on from a past wrought from sorrow to a future of Hope and Peace where each and every human being has the chance to do something great. I hope we as human beings and we as South Africans may treasure this lesson forever and continue to build the great country we have. Viva Madiba, Amandla.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 15:03
You are a true icon and a testimony that something great can come from anywhere including some of the poorest areas on earth
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 15:05
A true Model

A man is always defined by his works and Nelson Mandela did not only drive change but was a part of it.when the world expected him to grind the oppressors he declared peace and since then South Africa became not only a country but a home of Africa.

We applaud the eyes in which you view life,a trend to forgive you have set for us and for that......"l say uyindoda emadodeni.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 15:20
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 15:20
Tata having met you 3 times whilst we were shooting one of your insert for your campaign...was an honor .I remember your warmth and smile as i was miking you for audio recording.Ii still have a picture with you.Tanki Tata for your life...You have made a difference in our lives and landscape.You will always be in our hearts.
thank you Tata!!
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 15:22
Never, never and never again shall it be in this beautiful land shall we see a great leader than you Tata Madiba
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 15:24
Tata you will always be loved and missed, a true icon. as man who understood what true love and forgiveness was, may we learn fro you and may we let go of all past hurts and all unforgiveness.... Lala ngoxolo Tatu Madiba
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 15:40
The collective consciousness of the human nation paying tribute to the compassion, humility and commitment of a great soul stands testimony to the inherent and fundamental goodness of all. Thank you Madiba for living the truth that everyone involved in each situation is a child of God, filled with Love. Much love, Vanessa Liebenberg
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 15:44
Rocks of life, pilers of strength, guiding stars of past present and future, gentle love, untamed forgiveness and timeless wisdom, all encased in one being for the world to experience... May your battle drum of liberation echo relentlessly, tirelessly and be without remorse for oppression,... Freedom fighter ov thy devoured light,... R.I.P Tata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela,...
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 15:47
Madiba was great rest in peace
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 15:52
leke Adetomiwa
Tata, u were a rare gift to the Africans and to the entire world at large.. U lived a selfless life for betterment of humanity. R.I.P Madiba.
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 17:03
Maeve Johnson
R.I.P. Hamba Kahle Madiba 1918 - 2013

Rest well our beloved leader of the nation. Thank you God for using Madiba in Your Ministry towards Social Justice for All. Rest eternal and Light perpetual be granted unto him. Comfort and Strength to the family friends and nation

"Our prayers accompany his family, friends and nation as we remember his magnanimous life in service of God's Ministry towards transformation, change and transition towards Social Justice for All people. We thank him for his humble dedication. His legacy will continue and accompany us with the fruits of the spirit and especially Wisdom/Discernment and Peace. God Bless all who gather in peace for his memorial services acrss the world..

In Holy Spirit Solidarity - in keeping with the spirit of Peace.

Mary's Oil for 16d of activism Transformation Prayer: May God's Peace reign in our land Saturate it with anointing of God's Promise

Love and Peace
Posted on 6 Dec 2013 17:44
To the Mandela family, thank you for sharing Madiba with us South Africans and the World at large,he has sacrificed his freedom to liberate this country. May you draw strength and find comfort from the Holy Spirit , may his Soul Rest In Peace.
Posted on 7 Dec 2013 00:26
Rest in peace Tata we will miss u
Posted on 7 Dec 2013 00:31
A giant among men
Soar with the birds
Sleep with lions
Rest in Peace
Oh man of Men
Posted on 7 Dec 2013 08:14
Lala kahle tata uMandela!
Posted on 7 Dec 2013 08:46
A lesson that I will always carry that we should all take note of:

You were the ultimate example of standing by what you believe in and fighting for that. A strength not many possess. You changed not only our country but the they way the entire world relates to each other by living and being it.

Thank you! RIP TATA
Posted on 7 Dec 2013 09:27
Hamba kahle nsimbi kayigobi!
Posted on 7 Dec 2013 10:20
The greatest way we can pay tribute to our beloved Father of the Nation, Tata Madiba, is to live what he lived and breathed every day of our lives. For I believe South Africa has a critical role to play in the atonement, forgiveness and healing of the planet and her people. I believe the Spirit of the Great Heart will spread from Cape Town to the rest of the world from 2014, when we host the Design Capital of the World, and where we can redesign ourselves from the inside out through conscious music and dance - which Mandela himself said helped heal him...let's dream this into being x
Posted on 7 Dec 2013 10:31
Our Father of Peace, Humility, Forgiveness and Love, Tata Madiba. You have shown us the road to unconditional Love and Forgiveness. You have walked the spiritual walk Jesus Christ has walked and you have glorified our God.
You have been a true leader for our nation and the world, a saint indeed.
A clear vision and integrity you had and you portrayed the gifts of the holy Spirit. Only God knows that he prepared you for the greatness to bring about fairness and freedom to Africa. We too now understand, even clearer than before, that no matter what, we will continue with the same strength in character you had. Rest in peace until we meet again.

May God's love and peace shine upon your wife, children and family.

Adriaana Scholtz
Posted on 7 Dec 2013 10:36
May your soul rest in peace. You fought a good fight and conquered ! Your values of humility, equality, respect, patience and tolerance will forever be an inspiration for the people of South Africa and the world-at -large.
Posted on 7 Dec 2013 12:28
RIP Tata Madiba he is indeed a great loss to the entire world,may his soul rest in pease and thank you for the leadership example you were,we will follow in your footsteps
Posted on 8 Dec 2013 01:27
Madiba - you stood head and shoulders amongst all men not just in stature but in your beliefs and convictions. You have taught the world many lessons - may we all drink from your fountain of lessons. Condolences to your family and all those who mourn your loss. You will live on forever as a global icon, a legend who touched many lives far and wide. RIP your inspirational job is done and your journey completed.
Posted on 7 Dec 2013 22:14
Posted on 8 Dec 2013 11:51
Uliqhawe la maqhawe. Akakho ofana nawe.I am very saddened about your departure. You left a legacy behind no doubt about that however the question is whether the ANC will be able to sustain what you fought for as the economy of the country is still in the hands of the minority.
Ugqatso ulufezile, ungumkumkani wokumkani. Lala ngoxolo Madiba! Phelo
Posted on 8 Dec 2013 19:29
#RIP #MADIBA, Thanks for changing the world for better.
Posted on 8 Dec 2013 22:29
To say that the world will miss you, is an understatement. You life will be celebrated forever. Love Always #VivaMadiba
Posted on 9 Dec 2013 03:28
You were one of my hero to look up and admire your thoughts . you have left noble thoughts and great massages .may your soul rest in peace .
Posted on 9 Dec 2013 04:16
Its a sad time for SA. RIP Madiba.
Posted on 9 Dec 2013 08:47
We, St. Joseph’s Care and Support Trust extend our heartfelt condolences to the Mandela Family during this difficult time while we mourn Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela’s passing. We continue striving to follow in his footsteps through working for the underprivileged in society.

Tata, we will always miss you and your spirit live forever!
Posted on 9 Dec 2013 09:39
Charles Hughes
It is hard to believe that a man who had so much passion was incacerated when all he was doing was asking for the right to be treated as a human being and how wrong we were for supporting the wrong side. Madiba you have brought humility to us all and may the world remember you for all the rights you have brought our nation and the world. YOU WILL BE MISSED! RIP Charles Hughes
Posted on 10 Dec 2013 15:27
Robala ka khotso ntate Mandela. Rest in peace father of the nation, I salute you. Lala ngoxolo. Khotso, Pula ,Nala. We have to take care of each other as tata taught us, greed and corruption, for the sake of Mandela's memory.

Posted on 10 Dec 2013 15:46
Teboho Nkoane
May your soul rest in peace Tata. You have inspired us to do greatness and to fight for goodwill until the end. We shall strive to be like you Madiba. Farewell!
Posted on 11 Dec 2013 14:50
Baatseba Sekwele
A role well played, now the Director has called you home. As you bowed down the world became one again. Rest in Peace and you will always be appreciated.
Posted on 11 Dec 2013 18:02
A role well played, now the Director has called you home. As you bowed down the world united again. Rest in Peace and you will always be appreciated.
Posted on 11 Dec 2013 18:16
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