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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Make a difference

Purpose Driven Marketing is not a new term, but a term I am hearing more and more. In a space of 1 week, and I counted, I heard or said it no fewer than nine times. I think that's quite a lot really.
The Nedbank Digital Edge Live 2014 is themed, you guessed it, Purpose Driven Marketing and more and more I am seeing brands loading videos on YouTube, which has a purpose, attached to the marketing. Think, did you watch a RAK nomination video on YouTube, oh you did, nice. So its definitely time we start taking this seriously. We live in a consumer driven economy, the world of Marketing 3.0 and socially responsible brands.

The future of Profit is Purpose:

We live and operate in a consumer driven economy, social media has given brands a personality and a voice and consumers a direct and public voice to brands, but people want to invest in brands that positively change the world. Naturally, people want to share happy stories and automatically we remember good, happy, feel good stories much easier. A positive association with a brand is a winning combination with a good product. Read the rest of the article here.

About Warren Harding

Warren Harding is a public speaker, event Emcee and the presenter of BizTakeouts, the marketing and media show on 2oceansvibe radio. Each week Harding chats to the industry leaders and newsmakers from the African and South African marketing, media, digital and advertising industries. He is also the Business Development Director at John Brown South African, a branch of the world leading content marketing agency, John Brown Media.