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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

A note on curiosity

Someone once told me that curiosity is the definitive quality of a great strategist. But is there any space for curiosity to stand as the intrinsic draw-card by which we develop a campaign strategy? It seems there is.
Some of the best campaigns today are testament to the inquisitive/borderline absurd, Russell Brand type conjecture of 'what would people do if we put x into y scenario?'

To be sure, it's a great way to get attention for your cause. From TNT's 'Push to add drama' with 21 million hits in five days, to Stimorol's Mega Mystery 'floating guru' topping sales forecasts by 233% - we see the clever execution of curiosity that facilitates an impactful consumer experience and supports the longevity of the interaction.

It now seems that a great strategist is one that can identify the role of curiosity and understands how to feed it.

This is not new news, but the difference this time around is that we have the tools (the data, the channels, the insights) to convert curiosity into curation. And the proof is in the pudding.

About Jessica Gregory

As head strategist at Crimson Room Communications, I have firsthand experience in developing highly integrated and cohesive campaigns across a variety of industry touch points - from PR to Experiential and Shopper Marketing sects. Overseeing an extensive list of key accounts with clients such as P&G Prestige, Edcon and Nestle; I have developed an acute understanding of trends, consumer patterns and behaviours, the economy of brands and the returns on effective brand strategies.