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Veribo invests in South Africa

Veribo, a global leader in premium online reputation management (ORM) has opened offices in Cape Town in a growth strategy to penetrate the South African and African markets further.
With offices in Tel Aviv and London, it has placed itself at the technological forefront of ORM. This has been achieved through a sophisticated art of controlling and maximising online presence using unique and highly effective methods that enable companies, brands and individuals to control their front-page search results better and push unwanted results down.

The company is also able to influence Google's auto-complete feature effectively, a specialised service not offered by many local ORM companies.

Ran Blayer

Market lacking in ORM

With the availability of 'premium ORM' services in South Africa generally lacking, demand for the company's model and product offering has increased exponentially in recent months with the majority of new business coming from corporates and enterprises in mining, retail and banking - traditionally sectors where advanced ORM strategies are a necessity.

"The South African market has been lacking a premium and globally recognised ORM offering for some time," comments Ran Blayer, global CEO of Veribo. "The model has been successful in numerous countries and, after a steadily increasing number of business enquiries from African-based companies and entities, we decided to open an office and appoint business development managers in Cape Town and Johannesburg to answer to this demand. There is an undeniable hunger in South Africa for more technology in the ORM realm and we have already begun working with various PR and marketing agencies, plus direct requests from the corporate sector. With more international ORM trends trickling into the country we foresee the demand for implementing a more premium ORM strategy increasing.''

"With nearly 25 million Internet users in South Africa and a 14% one-year growth, online research is only going to increase and with that so will the need for more complex ORM strategies.

"This is critical in today's working environment where an increasing amount of South Africans are using search engines to look into and build references on brands, people and services," concludes Blayer.

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