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New Ellies ad campaign underlines sustainability

Ellies Commercial Solutions has developed a new campaign 'Go Green, Think Red' launched this week to highlight its offerings for the commercial market looking to reduce its carbon footprint and costs.
In its latest campaign, incorporating the slogan, 'not just tree-hugging green but money green too', it has pledged to help companies save up to 70% on their lighting bill while cutting carbon pollution. As part of its campaign, it is offering companies a free commercial lighting audit.

Its custom designed solutions with excellent payback periods, three to five year product warranties and a full maintenance rental option adds to its guarantee of product, delivery and installation, as well as its offer of safe disposal of existing technologies.

"Many business owners are unaware of just how much expenditure is wasted on their lighting bill per month as a result of inefficient lighting," explains Ellies CSO, Gary Wiltshire. "Every space has specific lighting requirements. Whether operating out of a warehouse, retail store or office park, lighting plays a vital role in a business' productivity. The company offers cutting edge LED lighting solutions for all types of businesses that provide minimal glare, maximum brightness and the ultimate energy saving solution, even for companies with a 24/7 burn rate."

Energy saving examples

As leaders in innovation, it utilises all-in-one professional lighting design software, able to provide clients with real-time light scenes based on actual floor plans, three dimensional furniture and luminaires to create a holistic effect. Using the extensive documented results, clients are able to make an informed decision.

A few examples of companies utilising its lighting expertise include:

    • Koi restaurant in Lynwood, where 298 dimmable and non-dimmable halogen, candle and reflector lamps were replaced with LED lamps, resulting in overall energy savings of nearly 85%
    • Boardwalk Casino in Port Elizabeth
    • Daytona Group's Showroom in Sandton, where 50W LED floodlights and 100W LED high-bays were installed, ensuring the showroom gems - Aston Martin, McLaren, Rolls Royce and BMW - are always in the spotlight
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