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Find your perfect Johnnie Walker with King of Flavour campaign

Johnnie Walker has come up with a Flavour Profiler, which takes whisky aficionados through a series of flavours, scents and sounds, to create a profile of their unique whisky preferences based on their current mood.
The mobile, electronically enhanced sensorium helps find their perfect flavour match and, with a final press of a button, the blend most suited to them is revealed from behind a mirrored panel.

Thingking, in collaboration with Society and Atmosphere in Cape Town created the device, housed in a black leather case. A top local food stylist was commissioned to create the flavours, which range from crystallised ginger to a pepper wafer.

"Our aim with the Flavour Profiler was to reimagine the whisky tasting experience and bring some of the interactivity usually only experienced online into the real world. This makes for the perfect way to tell the story of the unique flavours of each blend," says Thandeka Ngqumeya, Johnnie Walker marketing manager. "Our activity has included a number of hosted sessions with local influencers who have a varying understanding of whisky. Through the one-on-one tutored sessions, not only are they able to meet their whisky match, but also expand their knowledge."

Online experience, live in Braamfontein

An online experience, similar to the Flavour Profiler is available at Once users have identified their match, they will receive a special offer voucher on their next purchase of the brand and a chance to win tickets to the exclusive King of Flavour Experience for themselves and three friends.

The King of Flavour Experience, taking place at Shine Studios in Braamfontein during July 2014, will give fans the opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrity guests DJ Fresh, Jeannie D and Mokena Makeka. Guests will go on a physical flavour journey, travelling through a series of interconnected rooms to experience the big bold flavours such as spice, smoke and honey. Executive chef David Higgs has developed 15 unique expressions of these flavours disguised in different foods for guest to taste.

The Flavour Profiler is part of a series of experiences through both online and events, which aims to prove why the brand is the King of Flavour.

View the King of Flavour video