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New free whitepaper from London School of Marketing

The London School of Marketing (LSM) has released its latest whitepaper, written in partnership with BQu Research, titled 'Engaging Internal Stakeholders for Project Success', which addresses the fact that internal communication strategies are often overlooked.
"Achieving a project's objective alone does not translate into success. All stakeholders need to first acknowledge these achievements and declare the project a success," states the free whitepaper, available on the LSM website. "To make sure that all stakeholders are informed and united in their views, a detailed, consistent and audience-oriented communication strategy is required. Although this is well known, it is difficult to achieve."

This can be due to time and cost implications, but is more often because teams are not set up for the express purpose of encouraging internal stakeholder involvement and support. To address this, the paper details the key challenges, opportunities and solutions required to communicate successfully with internal stakeholders.

"The solution [to stakeholder engagement] demands that a clear and compelling message is communicated to all internal stakeholders. It also requires that a simple and frequent dialogue is created between these stakeholders so that they can not only make themselves understood, but understand your message unambiguously."

To download the free whitepaper, go to