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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Hennessy launches global campaign in South Africa

Hennessey has launched a new global positioning 'Never Stop. Never Settle', which will be rolled out in South Africa.
Conceptualised to celebrate the journey of success, the campaign seeks to personify the search for ambition, achievement and inner drive while pushing the limits of one's own potential. The brand believes the new positioning speaks to a key value most of its core customers are grappling with, realising one's own potential.

Celebrating aspiration

"The brand promise champions those who are pushing the limits of their potential. It's about celebrating the relentless spirit of conquest; those who never let up, and continue to defy limitations to achieve what they set out to do, " says Aimee Kellen, Hennessy brand manager, South Africa

The current attitude is a unique position built upon the brand's successful 'Flaunt Your Taste' positioning, which revelled in unapologetic success and achievement. The new positioning goes further by celebrating aspiration and the pursuit of goals. The campaign speaks to universal truths about those who are determined: love the thrill of the journey of chasing their goal, have an inner clock ticking and signifying they cannot rest on their laurels.


The campaign will have a number of executions, the most prominent of which is the new television commercial. The ad documents the journey of a maverick through different scenarios, fearlessly conquering his goals. The leading man is a multi-talented entrepreneur, who, even after amassing success, exhibits a merciless drive to achieve more. Moreover, when he receives his dues he is not alone, but generously shares the spotlight.

The commercial took three days to shoot, with 120 cast and 85 crew on set, with the utmost care and detail being taken.

New packaging

The company recently modified its Hennessy VS (Very Special) bottle and packaging design. The new bottle design is a creative collaboration with the world's premium vehicle designer, Pininfarina, which sees slight modifications to the bottle, giving it a modern, masculine and assertive carafe design.

"The new bottle design personifies subtle intensity and power - traits synonymous with the brand. The packaging is equally powerful - the new VS bottle is nestled in a case structured in a quilted black background with embossed finishing touches. It declares elegance and superior attention to detail. The content of the new bottle remains unchanged," says Paul Auriol, market manager for Moet Hennessy Southern Africa.