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Porsche supports 16-day campaign

As part of the 16-day campaign of activism for no violence against women and children, Porsche has donated a R500,000 cheque to Jelly Beanz Inc. Bernhard Maier, member of Porsche's executive board: sales and marketing in Germany, visited South Africa to personally hand over the donation.
Bernhard Maier, Roger Houghton (motoring journalist), Jessica Baker (Porsche SA), Toby Venter (CEO Porsche SA) and Stuart Johnson (motoring journalist).
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Maier, who visited South Africa during a Porsche launch function in 2011, was moved by the plight of children in distress.

At a function hosted by Porsche Centre Johannesburg, Maier said: "It is our duty to lay the foundation for a new society, that when these young people reach adulthood, they will be empowered to make the right decisions, nurturing and guiding the generation to follow in the right way. We need to keep the links between present and future strong."

Future viability

Marita Rademeyer, trustee for Jelly Beanz Inc took receipt of the donation. "We need to do so much work, but we have access to very little funding. This donation will help to grow our organisation and to build capacity to ensure its future viability," she said.

The organisation creates holistic interventions to address child abuse and trauma through direct services to children and families; training and mentoring of mental health professionals, resource development to assist in assessment and therapeutic interventions for children and families, research on trauma and abuse issues, as well as advocating for children's rights.