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Salvation Army adds Christmas cheer

As the Salvation Army adds Christmas cheer with brass band ensembles at multiple shopping malls, the organisation has called upon members of the public to be vigilant, as con men will attempt to collect money on behalf of the organisation.
"All collectors and band players will be in uniform and will be carrying locked collection tins with The Salvation Army branding. The collectors and bands must have a letter from The Salvation Army, authorising them to collect. If anyone suspects fraud, he or she should contact us as soon as possible on tel +27 (0) 82-994-4351. We will not hesitate to lay a charge against fraudsters," said public relations secretary, Major Carin Holmes. She added that door-to-door collections in suburbs by representatives of The Salvation Army are not permitted.

"The public must be alert to the fact that there are unscrupulous people who will use our good name and the kindness of the public to collect money illegally for their own use," she added.

Donate via SMS

Although the public is encouraged to place money in the collecting tins, they may also make donations towards the organisation's work by sending an SMS to the donations hotline, 42290, with one of the following words:
  • BLANKET - for a contribution to purchase blankets
  • FOOD - for a contribution to a soup kitchen or similar outreach
  • CHILDREN - for a contribution to children's ministries
  • ELDERLY - for a contribution to ministry for the elderly
  • REHABILITATION - for a contribution to a rehabilitation centre
  • TRAFFICKING - for a contribution to the fight against human trafficking
The organisation's work includes homes for babies and children with HIV/Aids, pre-schools, shelters for the homeless, emergency services, feeding schemes, centres for abused women and children, homes for abandoned children and community development projects.