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Havas Worldwide Johannesburg wins Autopax account

Havas Worldwide Johannesburg has recently been chosen for Autopax's new campaign to promote the cashless purchase of tickets for their City to City bus line.
"The campaign is aimed at promoting the cashless system of purchasing tickets for Autopax's City to City buses by encouraging and incentivising consumers to utilise available distribution channels to purchase tickets. This is intended to replace the current arrangement where customers purchase tickets directly from coach drivers," says Ursula McAlpine, Managing Director of Havas Worldwide JNB.

In addition to generating a completely cash-free environment, the campaign is also aiming at increasing usage of the City to City services with a targeted increase in sales of approximately 20 - 30%. This will see a revenue increase of between 15% -20% for Autopax.

Autopax chose Havas Worldwide Johannesburg based on their experience in marketing and campaign activations and their conceptualisation and management in major campaigns across various competitive industries.

"This is an exciting campaign for Havas as we have a thorough understanding of the market segments within the Autopax business and we have a reputation for an absolute determination to achieve results," concludes McAlpine.

Havas Johannesburg's press office