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Annual Christmas Wish launches

Bring your tissues and brace yourself for 94.7 Highveld Stereo's Rude Awakening Christmas Wish list initiative which is bound to bring a tear to the eye while driving or at the office as the morning team help change the lives of those less fortunate.
There is something magical about the Christmas season that inspires individuals and businesses alike to get involved in charitable causes. As Christmas draws closer, many people find themselves thinking of dynamic ways in which they can help make a real difference in their community.

Now in its eighth year, Christmas Wish was first launched on 94.7's Rude Awakening. It became so successful that in 2006 it was ‘adopted' by sister station, Cape Town's 94.5 Kfm.

Following on the same concept as Joburg, 94.5 Kfm's Christmas Wish is driven by the Breakfast Show with Ryan O' Connor. Focus groups conducted around the Cape have shown this initiative is one of the most popular promotions in the region.

The aim of Christmas Wish is to encourage listeners to tell the stations about friends, family or colleagues who have had some bad luck and need a little lift. The stations look for stories that are varied and from a wide range of its audience demographic.

Not only does Christmas Wish provide compelling radio programming for listeners, but a legitimate platform for clients to fulfill their corporate social investment quotas by affording them the opportunity to offer their products or provide their services to someone in need.

According to Ravi Naidoo, 94.7 Highveld Stereo station manager, these stories don't necessarily all have to focus on the plight of the poor, as everyday people that are doing well also sometimes stumble.

“The Christmas Wish is not only based around ‘the story' and emotion that it evokes, but also what we as a radio station, along with a sponsor can do to make a real difference, not something gratuitous or short lived,” said Naidoo.

“Christmas Wish has granted many wishes over the years, from overseas flights to reunite families to funding life-saving operations. What's important to remember is that it's not about what the sponsor can deliver, rather it's about the story and the circumstance that the recipient finds himself or herself in. The producer needs to match the story to the sponsor, and not vice versa.”

At the time of granting the wish, credit is given to the sponsor for granting the wish. In the long run, by playing down the granting of the wish the company ends up getting better exposure for their good deeds.

Last year's Christmas Wish saw a host of partners putting their weight behind the initiative including 1st for Women Insurance; 1 Lifedirect; Spar; LG; Adcock Ingram; Whirlpool SA; Edgars; Estee Lauder; Vodacom; Standard Bank; Southern Sun; Virgin Atlantic; Coca-Cola; Emperor's Palace; Netcare and Ericsson.

This year even more companies will be afforded the opportunity to get involved as Christmas Wish has been extended for a further week on 94.7 Highveld Stereo.

It will now run from 17 November until 12 December 2008 with two wishes broadcast live every weekday morning at 7.20am and 8.20am. M-Net will broadcast a highlights package every weeknight at 7:30pm. Christmas Wish will run on 94.5 Kfm from 24 November until 12 December.

By extending the length of Christmas Wish List, with the support of 94.7 Highveld Stereo and 94.5 Kfm listeners and sponsors, the initiative will be able to help more people than ever before.
How to submit Christmas Wish????-
There is no information how to submit Christmas Wish within the article?????????/
Posted on 20 Nov 2008 08:25
a stove for christmas-
I known a family that was in a car wreck last year both parents was hurt alot and cant work now they said all they wanted for christmas was to have a electric stove to fix their kids christmas dinner and a bed to sleep in
Posted on 21 Nov 2008 21:11
Christmas wish-
I really appreciate all you do to help all the people in need you really create smiles. I also had a wish sent in but I do realise that you have many people asking for help daily. Kind regard Wendy van Zyl
Posted on 10 Dec 2008 09:07
Hi guys -I must congradulate you all, on the undiscribable job you are doing, to help so many people in their circumstances. You know, I've also placed in a wish, but you know what, although my wish was not granted -I give thanks to God, for inspireing the "94.7 Rude Awakening Team /and management /supporters" /and who ever else that was active in the venture, for blessing someone out there Keep up the good work, and I know for a fact, that your deeds will be rewarded some day, 'cause "THERE IS A GOD" God bless you guys, Chris 082 6190 492
Posted on 10 Dec 2008 13:56
Megz Mom
Am I too late-this is a wish for a young 22 year old paralysed-
My daughters friend was shot in the spine three weeks ago during a home robbery, despite the fact that he had his hands up. his is now paralysed from thoracic vertebrae level T12. He is 22 years of age. He had just qualified as an auto electrician. His friends have managd to raise on their own enough money but just short of R400 for his wheelchair. They are now trying to organise an event to raise more funds for the other things he needs like assistance aids to get in and out of the bath. His paretns have to move also as they lived in a flat which is too small for the wheelchair.if anyone would like to help-call Megz on 0762059221.
Posted on 15 Dec 2008 09:11
Submitting a wish-
I would really like 2 find out how 2 submit my christmas wish for sum1 i know. Pls let us know
Posted on 26 May 2009 20:31
blind boy-
Posted on 17 Aug 2009 11:39
matthew ivan
matthew ivan (blind boy)-
if any help please contact no 082 441 5738 aunty janine ronne mom michelle 084300 2905
Posted on 17 Aug 2009 11:43
ryno potgieter
a Christmas wish-
this is to people that goes out of thiere way to help others and to provide good deeds but does`nt think of finances and even has helped us noumorous times. We still don`t have the finances to make a wish for them come true. A few of the things that they have done is; every year they hand out things for kids and put up christmas lights for every one to see and enjoy, They help people that doesn`t have finances and run themselfs short. We would like to help them with a wish but can`t we don`t have the ability to give them the gift of a well deserved holiday that they did not have for the last 10 to 15 years. We want to thank them but don`t know how to achieve this wish. Thank you 0732357278
Posted on 5 Sep 2009 17:28
Vallie Dossa
Wish List-
My wish list is for the woman who gave life to me, my dearest mother. My mother is the kind of person who always gives and that’s why it’s time that her three daughters feel that it’s time to give back to her. My mother and my young sister are both in East London. My eldest sister and I have both started are own families in Johannesburg. My mum has had a life time of life’s struggles and cancer. She faced the battle of cancer. Even though she underwent an operation and chemotherapy, she still nursed the other patients in hospital. Nursing has been her lifetime career. A career that has always suited her in every way. She has the caring & patient nature which people are only drawn to. We lost our dad and my mum’s only love 3 years ago. We are so grateful to my mum for caring for my dad in his last days. She would walk from home to the hospital 3 times a day. You see my mum’s home town is Cape Town and therefore doesn’t have much family in East London. My dad was the one who always drove my mum around. She slept on the cold tiled floor, to lay next to my dad in hospital. My mum ensured that she gave my dad the best funeral he deserved even though she lives on a measly income. My mum is turning 60 next year. We wanted to honour her with a huge birthday party. Her wish however is for us to rather buy her a car, as my mum and sister are only reliant on their legs or a taxi to get anywhere. My wish list for my mum is a car and for endless driving lessons to ensure my 20 year old sister gets a license to drive my mum around. We so much want to give my mum a 60th birthday party she will not forget, just can’t afford the car as well. My mum’s motivation is her love for God, she walks to the hospital and blesses the sick with her prayers. Always forgetting her own circumstances and putting herself second. She is always giving and we only wish that she will be rewarded for all she has done for others. Vallie Dossa – 082 372 7586
Posted on 7 Nov 2009 22:21
Food and Medical assistance-
Hi Guys My wish is somewhat unusual, in that my wife and I are in the process of getting divorced, She suffers from severe depression and being a committed teacher who loves her job she is just unable to come out on her net salary on a monthly basis ,we(she) still has the two Maltese and two cats to feed as well as herself. I care deeply for her however we just can't live together, she feeds the animals even if she needs to go without herself. I would dearly love to see her Feeding herself and the animals, on the monthly basis as well as medication for her depression as she is not on a medical aid at present and obviously needs her medication regularly. Hope that you can assist me as I cannot and do not have the financial resourses. I do piece work on the roads in a supervisory capacity and am constantly worried about her. It is now affecting my work as well
Posted on 13 Nov 2009 10:56
A Christmas wih for Rinah
Sink sheets for Rinah Mahode's roof-
Rinah is a 50year old Tea Lady at our company. She has built a home in the Vryburg area for her grandchildren. Every month she buys some building material from the hardware store near her home in Vryburg. Her grandchildren are doing the building themselves. Maybe she can get some sheets for her roof? Regards Jeannie de Chazal
Posted on 16 Nov 2009 10:13
20 year old girl blood cancer needs help!!!-
Good day my name is Stan and i am sending this message for my friends girlfriend that needs help.And where thinking KFM would definitely be willing and be able to help so one morning i heard about Christmas wish so i think she might be in luck.The girl (Adele) has cancer since i knew her and were using pills that the Doctor subscribed for her sickness have used the pills for a couple of years but now the Doctor have said the pills is not working any more.So now the Doctor told her to come up with R100.000 Grand to test her blood and send it overseas to see if there is any doner to help her with her sickness.The actual good news is if there are a match doner for Adele that she have a 50/50 chance of living after the operation because of her young age if she would of been allot older she could only have 2% chance of living after the operation.The reason why people only have this less presentation of living is because there hearts cannot handle it but she might because she still has a young and strong one.She needs help i am asking as a friend please let her wish come true to have a better and healthy future.if you can please try getting sponsors to get her this money A.S.A.P so she can have hope that there might just be someone out there to help her because she cannot get medical aid for better help.The doctor actually told her to have the money on the 17th of November 09 don't know why but yeah hope KFM can help thank you very much for this opportunity that i can post a message best wishes. Stan
Posted on 17 Nov 2009 21:39
Need Help!!!-
I'm not sure how to ask for a wish. My sister needs help. She's always helping everyone and now she needs help but I dont have money to help her, my husband lost his job and she took us in but she's also taking care of our parent's and our uncle. She has a 15yr old boy & a 4yr old boy & I have a 3yr old girl & a 3mnth old girl. The problem is they cut the power 3days ago & she's trying to put food on the table everyday. PLEASE HELP!!! Her No is 0835058919
Posted on 19 Nov 2009 10:01
My Christmas wish is for my Mommy to have a small Sewing Business as she is a single mom and has been struggling alot raising three sons by herself, she enjoys sewing but has never had the money to buy a machine, she works a 8-5 job but is not very well and I do not think she will be able to work much longer standing all day, If KFM could help us in any way it would really be appreciated..... It would also help her if she could start a sewing business as it would help to bring in money for me to further my studies. If you do call, please call between 3pm and 7pm as I am in school during the day. The number is 0825837387. Thank You so Much:) Brevan Kleinsmidt
Posted on 20 Nov 2009 18:07
A 13 year old girl with a rare Brain Cancer no help in RSA-
A wish for help for Lizie to go to France for a Operation and Treatment for Cordoma in the Brain stem. She must go for a very big operation and Proto treatment thereafter. She and her Parents must go for 3 months+. Her Brother and sister must stay behind and would also like to go and see, and be with the family over the Christmas Period. I am sure it is possible if there is someone that have a good hart to help the Family. Thank you. 082-7472087 Linda.
Posted on 24 Nov 2009 16:51
Posted on 25 Nov 2009 07:44
I wish-
Good day i hev a wish for santa to pelase assist me , my younger sister is in matric and she would really like to become a peramedic but my mum dont have the money to send her for the course please.
Posted on 27 Nov 2009 10:12
Help please-
my friend just found her mother and they are trying to pick up on lost time she had two miscarraiges already and she has been going through so much finacial troubles already i wish that santa will bless her this year and make her smile again please.0839738322
Posted on 27 Nov 2009 10:17
Family in Need-
Please help this family - Situated in Parys - 3 Children - kayla (3) can't go to school because there is no funds - Hennie (7) Was born to early and has digestion disabilities - Willie (8) beautifull healthy boy loves crieket - Irma (A presious Woman with liver cancer, who takes care of her brothers children and her sick mom. Any help will be apreciated - Food, Funds for medical expenses - school fees.
Posted on 30 Nov 2009 11:48
ronda henry
my christmas wishes-
my husband is in stage 3 heart failure. we are very fortunate that he survived his heart attack. we have 4 children in 2 in high school and 2 in college. fortunately they are old enough to understand why we are unable to buy christmas presents this year, but it still makes me feel bad to not be able to buy them anything. we have enough to keep the rent paid and juggle the utilities as best we are able. we are praying that our car stays running as our son is in college 2 hours from home and we have alot of doctor appointment also for my husband.
Posted on 7 Dec 2009 03:03
debbie Procter
A must wish list candidate-
We have been helping a friend but wish list and its contactseven if it doesnt get aired I know you guys have the backupto help us that "bit" further!debbie
Posted on 4 Nov 2010 18:04
My Christmas wish-
Dear Highveld family, my christmas wish is dedicated to my husband .This year it was tough for me, on the 15/04/2010 my father passed away.It was the most difficult time in my life.I didn't know what to do since i am the only one working, out of all of my fathers children.I was the one who was reponsible for everything, eg repatriate his body from JHB to Limpopo, funeral arrangements, tombstone(in our culture tombstone is erected immediately) everything, i had to do it together with my husband.We had to use all of our money.My husband was very supportive through out.When my father passed on, i was pregnant and i had a miscarriage after 3 weeks.It was terrible, i couldn't eat for days, i was depressed for a long time because i was dealing with the pain of losing my Dad and on the other side losing the chance of becoming a mother again.The pain still cuts deeper, as memories are vehemently clear. Everytime i close my eyes, i see my father's face on his last day on earth.Our last day together(day before he died) we spent the whole day at my place of work.He was just sitting aside while i was doing the job i love with all my heart, helping my clients.We went out for lunch, i bought noodles for both of us at shoprite.My wish is to buy my Husdand a lawn mower , he likes his own Garden and everytime when he has to do the lawn he often borrow the lawn mower from my father in law.We are unable to buy one because we still repaying the loan we took out for burial .We just moved into a new house and we are even struggling to finish paying maxidor for security battle proof.We are now left with 3 windows , 2 doors and the slide door.Our area is very dangerous but i know that God we protect us.My christmas wish is for Highveld family to help me buy this little pics of machine that my husband saw desires.He had a tough time this year because i was in a terrible state for the whole year, he didn't even enjoy the world cup since he was buzy travelling to hospitals.This year i was in and out of the hospital and he was there and not to forget that we don't even have a car to travel with.But we planning to buy one 2013.Highveld, please help me, to make my husband's dream come true.
Posted on 10 Nov 2010 09:32
Annien Teubes
How can I turn my back?-
The eldest of 5 children - and grew up as a very close family - times were wonderful - I remember my tickey (two and a half cent ) pocketmoney on Fridays.......and boy you coud buy chips, some sweets and still got change - My parents never had money to throw around and everything that which was not a bare necessatity - was not part of the shopping list! The one thing they gave me, was happy memories and lots of things to remember - times that no money can buy and they were there for us if we needed them - Years went by and healthwise my mom who was one of a homecraft shop's ladies , who got the big brainwave to start a new shop in the northern surburbs of Cape Town more than 30 years ago - money to help families survive, keep women busy so that they could help their husbands in the struggle to keep the roof over their heads......I lived in that house, I said never - and now I am one surrounded by biscuit and cookie-crumbles the whole day - but they sucseeded - I do remember how they borrowed money for some members- taught them how to bake a delicious milktart and the shop is still running full steam ahead, but the only difference is that the ladies who started the idea - are either dead or the others are struggling to keep ends meet.....I am writing this letter on the early hours of this Sunday morning - not even knowing if I am at the right place - but at least I try - She is so much smaller and healthwise so fragile, always was the one who tried to keep ladies from fighting if they did differ, and never would I thought that there will come a day where I know that there is just money for their exspenses for the next 4 months....A brother who cannot come back home, because if he come home - there won't be enough untill the end of the year - If this the Christmas whish website and I am at the right place - please ( I know many people do not havemoney to live from - but she worked so hard to learn people to earn money and help themselves - she did not give them fish when they said they was hungry - no she taught them how to catch the fish - No luxurious - no presents for her grandchildren, no money for clothes - and so I can go on and on.........where will be next year if there are no money for the oldagehome, the hospital plan and believe me - for years they already sit in the que in Tygerberg Hospital to get meds.........Are there a chance to help them - even with foodvouchers for food?????????? I wish I do not have to write such a letter but I - myself are struggling to make ends meet with 3 shildren and cannot do more ......let me know if I do need to write to someone else please =- You know what - one of the ctrange things is that she always bought her bakery stuff from supermarkets and now when she need them - they have so many to give to.......
Posted on 14 Nov 2010 01:09
Annien Teubes
How can I turn my back...-
Ek gaan nou die laaste stukkie in Afrikaans skryf, want dit is my spreektaal en daar is soms dinge wat ek nie so vinnig en maklik in Engels kan se nie - Al wat ek vra is hulp met hul maandelikse hospitaalplan se geld - nee, ek jok eintlik - ek vra ENIGE hulp - Maak nie saak wat dit is nie - want ek kan dit nie oor my hart kry om my ouers so weerloos te sien en te weet dat hulle oorgelaat is aan die genade daar buite nie - Na meer as 15 operasies die laaste klompie jare is ek self basies 'n nul op 'n kontrak om hul te help - ek sukkel self om net my menger vir die koekies se bak aan die gang te hou - die het meer streke as 'n klein paarweke oue hondjie - meer kan ek nie doen nie, maar nadat ek my laaste week agter die rug het met 'n gesukkel met my Kenwood van jaaaaaaarrre - weet ek net dat ek elders vir hul sal moet antwoorde kry - want die le nie by my nie - Die lewe het snaakse maniere om vir jou lesse te leer en ons leer en stamp daagliks ons koppe - ek het gese dat ek nooit soos my ma gaan bak om die pot aan die kook en die kinders op die sportveld ens te hou nie - en vandag staan ek self daar .......Asb ek hoop nie ek is nie te laat nie - dalk is dit Sy tyd om een probleem van my skouers af te neem , maar nie my wil nie Sy wil... groete van 'n koue Durbanville - Annien Teubes0829206527
Posted on 14 Nov 2010 01:24
A dream for a friend :)-
a close friend of mine has been through so much. he is going through a terrible time at the moment. he is a young man of 20. going through a divorce and he isnt allowed to see his child. and now his car motor has packed up just to add to his problems. he doesnt have a high paying job so now his car cant be repaired. i really want to help putting money away to help him with the repairs but i know its no where near enough. :( i wish that KFM could help him getting his car (the only thing he has left) up and running again.. please??
Posted on 18 Nov 2010 10:28
Megan Carter
Christmas Wishes-
Hi Kfm Crew My name is Megan Carter and i was born with a physical disability and a speech problem. I'm a Unisa student and currently studying teaching gr R-3, I also work at a junior school in grade R. It has been a very rough year and i'm been quite sick and i got lungs problems as for my screw spine too. My christmas wish would be to be able to have extra money to pay my rent of my flat in muizenberg. To meet the KFM crew as i love musicMaybe buy a car one day as i got my drivers but i only can drive automatic. Which is my biggest wish ever!!To win or save up money for a laptop to help me with assigments etc. As i wite too slow. I even have a scribe for my exams!!!Most of all to have a wonderful comfortable christmas with friends and family with no money or any problems.Kind regardsmegan
Posted on 18 Nov 2010 13:58
Dear 94.7 Highveld Stereo. Please can you urgently assist this family. My Aunt Nicolize Booyse has got 3 children and she is also looking after my grandma who is 86 years old is frail care and have altzheimers disease and can barely walk. Nicolize does not have a job and cries a lot almost everyday. Her husband is working day and night to keep them going. They lost their house and everything and is now living on a small holding which is far from her children school and her car broke down this week. They do not have money to fix their car.She has so much responsbilties to take care of including my grandma. They are in desperate need of help. I do not know how else to help and I feel so much pain and sorrow for them. Please God will bless you and them. Thanks so much Chantelle my number is 011 893-0065 or 0824108009
Posted on 2 Dec 2010 18:22
husband fall apart-
Hi my husband are a hard working person. He "s unemplooyed for 8 years and 8 months. we are staying with my mother and stepfather and may not stay there. My husband are starting to get sick because he cannot provite for his familie and we have words every day.He realy need help. I am the only provider for the familiy.We are sleeping on the lounge floor because it is a 1 bedroom . If he can get a job then we can aford a place for us. We have 2 children and my son even wants a x-box for Christmas that i cannot aford. Any storeman and hysterdriver job please.husband phone number 0834433649 Thank you. Mev. Annien Smidt 0714289751
Posted on 3 Dec 2010 11:17
Lizelle Wagner
5 yr old Ayden Dirksen-
Hi JonhyPlease contact me on 0720604213. LizelleThank u so muchGod bless!!!!
Posted on 7 Dec 2010 22:52
Help needed for 2 small black boys that lost their mother to TB-
The 2 boys mother was a domestic worker and passed away in Jan 2010 due to TB. My sister were looking after them the passed year. Due to Financial difficulties and personal issues is unable to take care of them anylonger seeing that she have 2 children of her own. The boys cannot speak their own native language and attended a Afrikaans primary school Zwartkop primary school since they were small. The eldest of the boys needs to go to high school in the coming year and they have No place to stay No one to pay for school fees or school cloths! Can anybody assisst them please. They desperately needs help!!! Any help will be appreciated!You can contact my sister Magda Boom on 083 654 8214 Thanx Elsie
Posted on 12 Dec 2010 18:04
Tammy Zoré
Hi My name is Tammy I’m 21 and I have a younger brother that is doing his matric year next year he does really well at school but I’m afraid he might not be allowed to do his matric year because my mom left her job and her and my step father have not been able to keep up with the school fees they really try hard but they opened a store and it does well but not well enough to keep up with all the payments that need to be paid my step father does work and tries really hard but now his mom and dad moved in and its adds a bit more on to the bills. I have tried to save up some money to help but I also can’t seem to get enough to help and they are so far behind the school told him to leave and it really upset him… I would just like someone to help them to catch up and to help with school fees and books for next year and if possible it would mean allot if he could go study and finish his studies after schoolPlease any way of helping with his school fees would be really appreciatedMy contact no 081 466 5477
Posted on 9 Nov 2011 09:59
Leoni Mackenzie
Hi my name is Leoni Mackenzie. I want to ask for help or support for a 38 year old male, Alwyn Lewies, married with 2 small children, aged 4 and 6. His family stays in Somerset west and he stays on a farm in the far North. Alwyn has not seen his wife and 2 children, in the past 4 months. He is very sensitive to radiation, i.e. Power cables and any sort of cell phone reception; makes him very ill. In addition he is allergic to any kind of material or fabric, like a tent, chemicals, air pollution, and exhaust fumes. He stays in a handmade "shelter" consisting of blankets, linen hold together with pins. He is always exposed to the weather element and deadly creatures big and small. However Alwyn is in desperate need for a place to stay and access to the necessary treatment - this illness is very new to people and the medical arena in South-Africa. I trust that you will be able to assist Alwyn in any possible way as he is a very positive and motivated man, however how long can any person stay positive? On behalf of Alwyn, I would like to thank you for reading our plea to the listeners of 94. 7. You are a very dynamic radio station in South Africa and have already meant so much to so many different individuals out there. Many thanks my contact details 012-804 5066 or 083 6200 856
Posted on 5 Dec 2011 15:47