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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

The Havas Village contributes to the community through the Sow Good Project

In light of Mandela Day, the South African Havas staff will be contributing 67 minutes each to the creation of a vegetable garden on the agency's Bryanston-based property, which will be named the Havas Sow Good Project.
"We will not only create and plant the garden, but will also be responsible for the maintenance. Once they have been harvested, the fresh vegetables will be donated to the surrounding communities. This was an idea brought forward by our staff, which the management team are in full support of," explains Havas Worldwide Johannesburg Group Managing Director, Ursula McAlpine. She further states that this project is a demonstration of the willingness of the agency to get involved and make a positive contribution to the community in which it operates.

"Care and collaboration are at the core of what Havas does, not only as an integrated agency but as a group of passionate individuals. In collaboration with our partners we are able to care for our surrounding community through this project, not only on Mandela Day, but every day going forward," says McAlpine.

The latest Havas Prosumer Report: The New Consumer and The Sharing Economy, looks at how consumers are looking to consume smarter and waste less, and moving toward a new economic model - that of the shared economy. The result showed that 77% of Prosumers believe that overconsumption is putting our society and planet at risk, and 75% said we would have a better society if people shared more and owned less. The findings also stated: "people want to consume in a way that is better for the planet and the health of their communities".

"This project is the perfect example of the growth of the shared economy. It showcases how Prosumers and Millennials are looking to make a difference in the lives of their communities, while being conscious of their effect on the environment," explains McAlpine. The report explained that a large majority of respondents are looking to brands to help them make the shift to more ecologically minded consumption.

"The Havas group of companies is in support of this, and believe that brands should definitely use their power for the good of their communities and the planet. Our staff looks to us to be a catalyst for this, and this project is one of the many ways we are moving this idea forward within our own company," she notes.

McAlpine explains that the project also ties in with Lead SA's current focus on the issue of food security. "We encourage every business to get involved in making a difference in their surrounding communities, to the best of their ability. In addition, we challenge all other marketing and communication agencies to implement long-term sustainable projects that will benefit those within the communities in which they operate," she concludes.

Havas Johannesburg's press office