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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Street Food Festival part of World Design Capital 2014

A recognised World Design Capital 2014 project, The Cape Town Street Food Festival offers food and talks from some of Cape Town's most dynamic food entrepreneurs.
It takes place at Sidestreet Studios in Woodstock on 27 July 2014. Opening at 9am, the talks start at 10am and end at 3pm. The market closes at 4pm and the dinner begins at 7pm.

The festival aims to introduce people to the City's most loved street food, celebrate and support the talents of culinary entrepreneurs and usher in a food mentoring initiative. The entrepreneurs will share both their secrets to success and challenges faced along the way as well as give advice on how to start one's own business.


    • Getting started and making it work
    • Building your brand - the importance of choosing your name, your logo design and packaging design
    • Marketing your business and the importance of social media
    • Knowing when to say no
    • Business planning and management
    • On the street vs retail
    • Important moments along the journey (things they wished they had known and things they would do differently)
    • What can set you apart from the rest


    • Pop-up pioneer Yang Zhao
    • Co-owner of Department of Coffee, the first locally owned artisanal township coffee shop, Wongama Baleni
    • Catering company (Cape Town and Johannesburg based) who will soon be opening their own bagel bar, Gusto
    • Food entrepreneur who has built one of Cape Town's most reputed and most recognisable food retail brands, Andy Fenner
The festival ends with a five-course dinner, prepared by some of Cape Town's finest street food entrepreneurs. These are Ryan McDonagh (Lefty's), Yang Zhao (Beijing Opera), Matthew Freemantle and Andrew Kai (Gusto), Heather Thompson (SOMA Confection) and Vanessa Marx (Dear Me).

Tickets to both the talks and dinner are limited and can be booked via