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Liqueur label cuts famous flapping ears

If you notice something different about your Amarula that's for good reason - as Africa's elephants continue to be slaughtered en masse, the liqueur has removed the elephant from its logo...

By Jeff Wicks 2 days ago

On the Dot 67 Acts of Kindness

Over the past months of the 2017 calendar year, On the Dot has endeavoured toward sustaining a culture of what is referred to as ‘Acting in Kindness'...

Issued by On the Dot 10 Aug 2017

Mmmm Yum Kidz Tuckshop teaches children fundamentals of business

Blue Ribbon has launched the Mmmm Yum Kidz Tuckshop, a programme to teach learners the practical fundamentals of business...

8 Aug 2017

Over R800,000 raised to help those affected by the fires in Knysna and the Kouga District

Listeners to Algoa FM donated R815,592 in response to an appeal to support survivors of the devastating fires which recently blazed through the Garden Route and parts of the Kouga District...

Issued by Algoa FM 3 Aug 2017

Imagination Studios competition goes 100% local

Cartoon Network's Imagination Studios competition will be 100% local this year, as the channel partners with local talent to inject some African flavour into the first locally produced animated one-minute shorts...

3 Aug 2017

Godllywood Self Help teaches women to value themselves

The July meeting of Godllywood Self Help continued the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, helping women invest in themselves and equipping them to transform their lives and live as Godly women...

Issued by Universal Church of the Kingdom of God 1 Aug 2017

#CSIMonth: Utilising CSR to create communities that thrive

Diageo SA sees itself as having a responsibility to ensure that its people, its suppliers, and the communities around its operations thrive as a result of the business...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 31 Jul 2017

For UCKG volunteers, service is a way of life, making every day a Mandela Day

During the weekend before Mandela Day and on his birthday, volunteers from UCKG touched the lives of thousands of people, devoting 67 minutes or more to community social work at close to 50 different organisations countrywide...

Issued by Universal Church of the Kingdom of God 27 Jul 2017

A reimagined approach is needed to solve South Africa's social ills

South Africa's ability to solve issues will not only come from traditional platforms but rather from an integrated and united approach that is inclusive of different ways of thinking and solving challenges...

By Khangelani Dziba 24 Jul 2017

#CSIMonth: Going beyond armchair activism

There's been a rise in criticism for only performing acts of good on Mandela Day, but there's a similar trend of eye-rolling at the clicktivism of keyboard warriors or ‘slacktivists'...

By Leigh Andrews 24 Jul 2017

#Yochallenge: Bite-size bikram for a good cause

The problem with taking a stand in July, even if you do so for a host of #MadibaDay and #CSIMonth initiatives, is that these are usually limited to just that one day of the year. Here's how you can stretch your body - and your wallet - to uplift others this August...

By Leigh Andrews 21 Jul 2017

#CSIMonth: 5 For Change black-tie gala raises over R240k

5 For Change's annual black-tie fundraiser raised more than R240k treating guests to a five-star experience while also raising awareness about five inspiring social enterprises which are changing the way Cape Town gives back...

By Juanita Pienaar 21 Jul 2017

FCB Joburg MD meets Aluwani fundraisers at Vic Falls

FCB Joburg managing director Thabang Skwambane has joined former Aluwani interns Warren Handley and Tom David at Victoria Falls for a few days of their epic journey on foot from Kilimanjaro to Johannesburg...

Issued by FCB Africa 21 Jul 2017

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Women in Marketing Awards open to South African candidates

South African women in marketing can enter the international Women in Marketing Awards, which has identified a global need to celebrate women in marketing, advertising and communications. Deadline for award entry submissions is midnight Monday, 18 September 2017.

19 hours ago

The final frontier of the independent agency

The success of South African agencies in Cannes recently is a reflection of the big talent in the country. Taking this talent and the size of the agencies into account and adding the knowledge and professionalism of South African agencies, it would be logical for the country to be a hub for the rest of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

By Danette Breitenbach 2 days ago

Boost your brand through rapid response

How quickly and effectively marketers respond and adapt to ongoing consumer feedback is the new determinant of brand performance according to a new survey report, released by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

2 days ago

The many hats of the successful inventor

The basis of many a great business is a great invention. New product ideas are fairly easy to conceive, but it takes something else to bring it to market. That's why it's so hard to be a successful inventor. It's not just one job.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 11 Aug 2017

Facebook rolls out video shows, in new challenge

SAN FRANCISCO - Facebook is rolling out a new video service offering professionally produced shows in a challenge to rivals such as YouTube, and potentially to streaming providers like Netflix.

11 Aug 2017

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