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New online subscription network for global events industry

A new, online subscription network for global events industry, Eventerprise, will launch in South Africa in October 2014. It aims to connect those who are hosting, staging and arranging events of any kind with those providing the best products, venues and services.
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A successful event has many moving parts - catering, content, staging, locations and logistics. Currently, it is said to be difficult for event organisers to source new, reliable and talented suppliers for the required tasks and, as such, much is left to chance. Conversely, in a flooded market, the suppliers and professionals who deserve the work often do not get it - the contracts instead going to the 'familiar mediocre'.

The site's targeted matchmaking approach works like a dating portal, pairing needs (corporate or private) with the perfect partner, or combination solution. Because all the network members are vetted and reviewed by peers, buyers can confidently select those whom will best get the job done.

Charlie Wright and Götz Thümecke, who are the driving force behind the initiative in South Africa, have more than 50 years of combined experience in the international events, sales and strategic marketing arenas.

Power of word of mouth

Wright says, "This is about taking the power of 'word of mouth' and multiplying it, so event buyers can make the right supplier choices with complete confidence. Our brand depends on the quality of the suppliers we list, so we will take no chances."

Thümecke continues, "Finding the right supplier is challenging and full of unknowns. The site takes the guesswork out of it by making the right connections. We link those driving the industry - the best practitioners there are - to those who need exceptional experiences delivered repeatedly."

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