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Sport brings people together

What is the Cape Town Corporate Games and why should my business participate? Numerous companies have asked this question before and have realised that the only way to truly understand the concept of this unique multi-sports festival is to experience it for themselves. The Corporate Games is not just a team building event, it is a four day entertainment weekend that increases staff morale, employee relationships, staff loyalty and staff motivation, and these are only to mention a few.
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From speaking to organisations that have experienced the Games first-hand the above statement can definitely be justified. Allister Solomon, operations resource allocator, Cape Town International Airport ACSA 2013, had the following to say about the Games: "Cape Town International Airport - Airports Company South Africa, had a great weekend from the opening to the closing ceremony. All our participants truly enjoyed competing, socialising, networking and building a spirit of camaraderie never experienced before. A big thank you to the Cape Town Corporate Games 2013 team - Well done guys, and we will see you next year....2014!" Leading up to the Games and even after the event, productivity increases, spirits are higher and employees work better together as a team in the corporate environment. All these qualities lead you back to sport and the benefits thereof.

Staying active, whether it is a walk around the block with your poodle or an intense soccer match with friends every Thursday night, lifts your spirit, clears your mind and gets you in the right mind set for the next work day.

By combining sport and team building, co-workers develop trust, respect and a better understanding of each other, improving communication at both individual and team level. This on its own has a definite beneficial impact back in the office, increasing team working ability and productivity.

During the Corporate Games weekend there are numerous team sports available. Dragon Boat Racing, which is one of the flag ship sports, is definitely a must and a perfect team building exercise. The sound of supporters cheering on their fellow colleagues and the beat of the drums creates a lively atmosphere filled with laughs and cheers. Soccer, Netball and Action Cricket are some of the other team sporting codes also on offer.

The Corporate Games is the perfect opportunity for teams to work together and compete against other companies in a fun and friendly environment.

Besides the sporting activities, the weekend also offers four social events. There is the athlete registration, where all athletes meet and greet. Then, the Great Games Parade is the perfect opportunity to hold your head high, wave your company banner and sing from the top of your lungs. The Great Games Party is where athletes can exchange stories of that magnificent goal or that quick lap around the karting track. Lastly, you have the Awards Ceremony where companies receive their trophies for most participants, or most points accumulated during the weekend etc. And for an entire year thereafter, they can brag with their trophy in the office and employees can know when they walk past, that they played a part in the contribution.

So, get up from your chair, and encourage your co-workers, employees and management to get fit for business. Join the 2014 Cape Town Corporate Games and experience the ultimate mix of business, sport and tourism first hand.

Our Games Ambassador for 2013, Frederick Stoebel shared his thought about the value that the Corporate Games bring to the organisation. Listen to his interview here:

The benefits of the Corporate Games: Interview with Frederick Stroebel

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