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BizTrends 2018

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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

'Winning Ways' event from Tony Koenderman

Tony Koenderman will run a half-day conference called 'Winning Ways' with seven presentations that examine how the ad biz can guarantee to deliver winning ways in marketing.
Jupiter Drawing Room founder, Graham Warsop, one of the country's finest analysts of advertising, will set the scene by examining the challenges facing the ad biz. He will also challenge his audience, with provocative views on the future of advertising - and even creativity.

It's going to be a fast-paced half-day event, with each speaker limited to 20 minutes, giving plenty of content and plenty of opportunity for interaction. Four case studies of successful integrated campaigns will be presented, and there'll be content on shock tactics (do they work?), how to succeed with small budgets, and how to integrate your channels of communication.

Net#work BBDO's Mike Schalit will tell the story behind 'the mouse that roared' (voted South Africa's best ad campaign ever) and the relevance of its message today. Ogilvy's Chris Gotz will present two successful award-winning case studies.

South Africa has long been proud of "punching above its weight" in global advertising competition. "But we have failed to keep up with trends in digital and television and other emerging creative powerhouses are usurping our role," says Koenderman. "Let's take back the high ground."

More speakers

    • Di Charton, CEO, Red & Yellow School: Integrated thinking - Forget the big 30-second idea that carried the campaign. Now you want resonance, consumer control, multiple touch points, holistic integration. But South African marketers are stuck in a channel mind-set. How to break the mould.

    • Ahmed Tilly, chairman, Black River F.C.: Shock Tactics - this is one way to get attention, but do shock tactics work? He handled the Nando's account for nine years and he knows they do - in the right circumstances.

    • Barry Munchik, CEO, Velocity Films: How to compete on a small budget - without massive production budgets, trying to win awards in Cannes is like fighting a rocket launcher with a pea-shooter, but as a production veteran, he knows a trick or two.

    • Chris Gotz, creative chief, Ogilvy Cape Town: Where we got it right - remember Carling Black Label's "Be the Coach" campaign? The genius behind several South African successes in new media thinking shows how to do it.
The conference is on February 25 at the Johannesburg Country Club, Auckland Park, and costs R850 per delegate. To book, email Tonya at or call +27 (0) 83 379 8070.