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Cross the "T" for Technical at events in 2014

It may come across a little bias (being in the event technology industry and all), but since it's a new year and we're in the game of making resolutions - here's one I hope will stick throughout 2014... don't forget the technical for your next event.
Whether you're in Conferencing or Corporate Events, there are a few elements of your projects which always require that special attention... AV should always be regarded as one of them!

Make or break an event

The technical factors of any event can make or break all the hard work you as event co-ordinators have put in over the months of planning your function to a T. So the question needs to be asked - why leave the undotted "i" of the event technology until last or unbudgeted for?

Let 2014 be the year of crossing the "t" for technical! Get into the habit of emphasizing the tech when planning for all your events. Consult with your AV contact or production manager - making this a habit from the get-go of your event planning may even enlighten you as to how the conference or function can be enhanced to not only get your intended event message across, but also get maximum brand impact for you or your client.

Technical events

Most AV companies consist of creative staff, so let them help you create! Communication on message, intent, budget and progress are of the utmost importance to any production company worth its salt. And yes - I did say budget. It's not taboo to talk money - in fact it may just be the guideline as to how the sound, lighting or AV company can help you best.

So it's a new year and with it hopefully comes some new habits. Let's get into the practice of crossing that "t" for technical and dotting the "i" for IT at your next conference or event - the earlier the better. Have an eventful year!

About Liam Prince

My interest in all things technical in the world of Events is only matched by my interest in the world of Marketing and it's evolving nature. Twitter: @ljp311