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'Unsavoury' sources lead to Ramaphosa report

NEWSWATCH: According to Mail & Guardian, Star editor Makhudu Sefara says the newspaper reporter working on the Ramaphosa nomination report, which resulted in the resignation of political editor Gaye Davis, was "led down an unsavoury garden path". Meanwhile, Wyndham Hartley, writing in BD Live, says the media is becoming increasingly concerned with how government officials are handling news of Nelson Mandela's hospitalisation.

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  • Mail & Guardian: Editor: Reporter led down 'unsavoury' path in Ramaphosa report... So, what checks will be put in place to try to avoid a repetition of this, which led to a well-respected political editor feeling that her resignation was the course to take?
  • BD Live:: Dismay in media over Mandela news rules... Granted, Nelson Mandela is an icon and granted his privacy needs to be respected, but if media concerns are justified, government officials need to up their game.

    Surely SA media and world media are justified in expecting straight answers to reasonable questions.