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Calling all innovators

LONDON, UK: As the magazine industry forges into the digital age, are you successfully innovating in some aspect of your business, from mobile and tablets to video, e-commerce, social media, mobile, paywalls, covers and more (see the list below)?
Have you created a successful innovation that you'd like the world to know about?

FIPP is calling all innovators to put forward your case studies for the Innovations in Magazine Media 2013 World Report.

The Innovations editors from Innovation Media Consulting are looking for your best examples of out-of-the-box, fresh, creative - and profitable - thinking. If you think your magazine media initiatives should be featured in the new edition, please contact Helen Bland or John Wilpers ( with your ideas.

For starters, please send us 100-150 words summarising your successful and innovative project (if you have more than one success you'd like to submit, give us 100-150 words on each). In your summary, please describe the innovation and its financial or circulation or traffic or other impacts. We do not accept innovations whose success cannot be proven in numbers.

If your innovation is accepted, the Innovations team will then contact you for more information via email or telephone interview. Be sure to include multiple means of reaching you.

The Innovations team are looking in particular for innovation in:
  • Advertising innovation
  • Audience data use
  • Augmented reality
  • Bespoke magazines
  • Covers innovations
  • Daily deals or other uses of coupons
  • E-commerce
  • E-singles
  • Innovative successful uses of Facebook and other social media platforms
  • HTML5
  • Long-form journalism
  • Luxury titles
  • Magazine apps (monetising them, using them to sell subscriptions, etc).
  • Mining your archives (Repurposing old content in e-books or e-singles)
  • Mobile innovations
  • Paywalls or other kinds of wall (registration wall, data wall, attention wall, etc).
  • Pinterest (how have you used it?)
  • QR Codes or 2D tags
  • Reverse publishing
  • Social media marketing
  • Tablet editions
  • Video
  • Watermarks
  • YouTube
  • Other NEW and INNOVATIVE initiatives not listed above...
The deadline for your outline case study submissions is
1 September 2012.

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