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New online magazine for Africa Geographic

Africa Geographic has launched a free, weekly online magazine that offers readers an insider view into the best wildlife, culture and travel stories across Africa.
Each weekly issue will focus on one key subject, making for a brief and enjoyable reading and sharing experience.

The title, which has always emphasised photographic excellence, will now add video to the equation. The site will offer compatibility across all screen sizes and internet-enabled devices and a complete immersion in social media, with resultant conversations and shareability with friends and networks.

Online offers agility for publishers, instant measurability, multiple delivery platforms, access to large potential audiences and, most importantly, interaction with its community. This 24/7 two-way communication allows it to evolve and grow according to the ongoing feedback. It also allows its community to share content via their social media networks, effectively becoming distribution partners.

The online magazine replaces the printed magazine, discontinued in 2013.

Responsive design

The modern day reader now consumes media on an ongoing basis - with device and context being the major influencers. They have less time or focus for extended monthly reads and their social media feeds keep them busy, meaning that a monthly magazine falls into the cracks and drops off the personal radar. The solution is to deliver regular small doses of content.

The mobile portion of its audience has grown from 17% to 52% (phone 37% and tablet 15%) in less than two years. The remaining 48% view content via desktop computers. The magazine is built and maintained with mobile top of mind, using responsive design.

It combines the content marketing power of social media with third party content (posts from its bloggers) and its own curated content (online magazine) to deliver content hourly, daily and weekly. This keeps its community entertained, engaged and wanting more.

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